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Villager: Snowy HW Verona

Hedwig Jr.


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ID: #240185

Name: Snowy HW Verona

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 3 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Silverpelt60

Species: Gryphon

Color: Snowy Owl


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 25 Jul 2018, 7:04 pm

Likes: 5 ♥

Tags: gryphon white blue yellow glasses grey gray red soft scarf bag snowy sfv

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Snowy HW Verona is infected with Vampirism. Symptoms include craving blood, sensitivity to sunlight, an allergy to garlic, and changing into a bat after especially forceful sneezes. If they start to sparkle, immediately consume a Golden Apple to cure the infection.

Snowy HW Verona looks stunning!

Snowy HW Verona's very special treasures!


Relationship Status: Married to Wolfgang Verona
The sun has fallen and the land near Dragonsmaw Manor has darkened, the tall trees blocking out the lights from the much larger town so that the only source of light comes from the scattered streetlamps belonging to the growing village. While during the day, Silverflecked Village is a happy and busy place, bustling with chattering villagers going along with their daily routine or hanging out with others as they go out for a meal or drink, and little stores on the side with colorful and friendly insides and a plethora of options that appeal to most anyone. However, come nightfall, all those happy faces retreat inside to their lights and warmth and cozy little beds and couches, locking their doors to what lurks outside, leaving the abandoned streets an eerie quiet and desolate place. Occasionally, a few stars twinkle in the dark night sky, though most are frequently blotted out by one of the rainclouds.

You walk along these deserted roads and pathways, staying in the areas the streetlights illuminate, rubbing your arms to keep warm. The air is humid with the coming thunderstorm, but you can't help but feel there is a chill in the air. One you're not too fond of. You can't help but wish you had left the village earlier in search of a space more familiar to you, or sought out a friend who's home you could stay the night at-but alas, you had been so busy during the day that such thoughts had evaded your preoccupied mind. And now that the moon had risen, there was no leaving the village now, for creatures eluding the light but ready to spring as soon as you took a step out of the village borders awaited you in the dark. It was common knowledge throughout the village that unless you were prepared or had brought a skilled warrior with you, going into the forest that surrounded the village at night was a very, very bad idea.

The crack of lightning and then the boom of resounding thunder jolted you out of your thoughts, signaling that the storm had arrived. Almost immediately, the pitter patter of rain met your ears, scattered and soft at first but soon growing in numbers and intensity. Large raindrops made loud impacts against both the ground and your head, and you lifted your arms to try to protect yourself against the barrage, although it was practically useless. You begin to run, scanning the area through the thickening storm for any place that might hold some sort of shelter. You finally spot a restaurant which have covers above the outside tables, and you duck under one. Sure, it doesn't protect you from the entirety of the raging storm, but at least it helps a bit to keep you from getting completely soaked. You sigh, and lean up against the glass. Your arm bumps into a small stand holding papers of some sort, and it begins to tip over. Quickly, you grab it to stop it from falling over and spilling its contents all over the ground, but the nature of the papers catches your eye. Tilting your head to the side, you pick one up to take a closer look-and lo and behold, it's a map of Silverflecked village, and at the top in large text is the mention of an inn!

You smile to yourself, happy at having found a place to stay the night and outlast the storm. A quick look over the map tells you that the inn is the largest building in the village, and is located in one of the centers of the village. Looking at the name of the restaurant you were by, you were ecstatic to find that the inn wasn't too far off from where you were standing. After making sure you could find the inn without the aid of the map, you dashed out from your little sanctuary and made a beeline down the sidewalk, sticking close to the buildings as you were pelted with raindrops and holding the map above your head. Soon, after a sprint that had you nearly slipping on the wet pavement and sprawling all over the concrete more than a couple of times, you were at the door of the inn. Good thing too, because the map was completely destroyed, and the storm was picking up in ferocity. You quickly knock on the door, and after a wait that seemed like an eternity, the door creaks open.

You are met with a rush of warm air wafting out of the friendly glowing interior. Behind the figure standing in the doorway you can see multiple chairs and a couch lining the walls lit by bright yellow lights, and a desk with many papers, a flowerpot and a steaming cup of hot cocoa sitting on top of it. Looking up, you are met with the deep blue eyes of a snowy owl gryphon, slightly covered by the tiny pair of glasses sitting on her beak. "My gosh, how long have you been out in this horrid storm?" she exclaims, immediately stepping aside and out of the doorway to let you in. A violent gust of wind and rain swirls behind you, and the gryphon tightens her scarf around her neck as the chill of the night combats the warmth of the inn. You rush inside and she quickly shuts the door behind you, before looking back to you with a chuckle. "Well, now that your here, would you like a room to stay in for the night?" she asks, walking over to her desk. Opening a drawer, she scrutinizes the keys for a moment. "And would you perhaps like a drink as well? Maybe some hot cocoa or coffee, and a fresh pastry to go along with it! If not that, I can always get you some fresh fruit, or cook up some soup to warm you up after being in the rain for so long. Wouldn't want you to catch a cold!" As the gryphon continues to chatter and talk, you sir down in a soft chair with a sigh of relief. You're glad to be out of the vicious storm, and even more to have found a place to stay the night. For the only inn in the village, it certainly is pretty nice. Maybe you'd even stay a couple more nights? Well, only time would tell, and for now, you were a bit to tired to make decisions like that just yet.


Snowy 'HW' Verona is a very kind and motherly gryphon who loves to help out those in need. She owns the only inn in Silverflecked Village.
HW=Harriet Winchester

female // straight // she/her pronouns

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