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Villager: Mrs Judson

Villager Info

ID: #241758

Name: Mrs Judson

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 3 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Savannah

Species: Rodent

Color: Peasant


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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Mrs. Judson is Basil's maid in The Great Mouse Detective. She lives in an apartment on Baker Street with Basil. She made cheese crumpets for Dawson and Olivia.

In The Great Mouse Detective, Mrs. Judson is seen very little. She is first seen when Dr. Dawson and Olivia come looking for Basil. She shows great care toward Olivia, acting as a mother figure toward her. Soon afterward, she comes in to angrily remind Basil that she hates seeing (or hearing) him use her pillows as targets for bullets, but is hustled out of the room by Basil. She is last seen comforting Olivia after Fidget scares her.

Kind, helpful

Buck-toothed, obese tan mouse,

Basil's maid

Basil's flat

Her boss Basil of Baker Street, Dr. David Q. Dawson, Olivia, Hiram Flaversham, Fidget, Toby

Professor Ratigan, Fidget (formerly), thugs, Felicia

Helping others, making cheese crumpets

Basil making a mess, Basil blowing up the pillows by a gun

"Oh my! You poor dear. You must be chilled to the bone. Oh, but I know just the thing.
Let me fetch you a pot of tea and some of my fresh cheese crumpets."

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    • O hai Mrs.Judson. Pleasure to meet you :3

      ((hello, my childhood *clutches VHS tightly*))

    • Oh my gosh, you're so cute *hugs fluffy mouse*

    • <Confused rock noises> (What?)

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