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Villager: Shou



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ID: #242677

Name: Shou

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 3 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: veemo

Genus: Shifty

Species: Fox

Color: Kitsune

Costume: Mythic


House: Olde Foxbury House (413/413)

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Approved: 11 Jan 2018, 6:57 pm

Likes: 55 ♥

Tags: fox white mask kitsune mythic red japanese yokai youkai magical boy mahou shounen veemo

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Shou's very special treasure!



Shou has a toyhou.se!
// Shoujiki Kasai // male // (he/him) // 5'03" // white //
// biromantic // bisexual // Mahou Shounen
"'If you want to make your wish come true,
Then tell it to the shrine-fox.'
Dreaming of happiness from a faraway place,
I embarked on a journey to reach the sky.
"A piece of red leaf slips past my palm,
and tells a story..."

Paintie by veemo
All comments from Shou are in-character!
A zenko kasai nine-tailed kitsune who has not gained all of his tails yet.
As such, Kasai Shoujiki's powers are not as mastered as that of a nine-tailed fox with all of its tails, but he is very much on his way to mastery. His master was another kitsune, much bigger and with all nine of her tails.

Somewhere along the way - probably when he was younger - Shou fell in love with magical girls and the concept of them, and found no problem with the idea that a boy such as himself could be magical. Kitsune were already magical as it were, so calling himself a mahou shounen wasn't that hard for him to adapt to, even if some others find it a little bit cringe-worthy.

While he has always lived within a small garden in Dragonsmaw Manor, oftentimes during his explorations he'll come across a monster or two and choose to fight them "for the good of others and the peace of the town". More often than not he'll fight alongside the young nekomata. Chou and groan at how she keeps shouting silly phrases like "Sparkle-Kitten Love Blast!" when she uses her magic.

After all... it's only in a zenko kasai mahou shounen's best interest to protect the people, isn't it?

When he's not exploring or fighting monsters, he's more often than not in his garden home, tending to the plants, cleaning the statues and monuments, meditating or training to hone his abilities. The more he learns, the faster he'll get the remainder of his tails. Though he may have a second motive...
Shou's Relationships

Significant other: None; single

"Master" - He refuses to call the kitsune he trained under anything but master out of respect. Shou looks up to him a great deal. Though in private, he may occasionally refer to the other as "Amatsu-sensei".

Chou - Shou's relationship with Chou is... strange at best. He respects her, admires her tenacity, strength, and magical prowess, but he doesn't really like her romantic advances on him. Perhaps it's because he takes his "job" as a mahou shounen a lot more seriously than she does hers as a mahou shoujo? No one knows.

Adopted paintieless villager from @stellarhyena (1/11/2018)
Thank you Scarlet Faerie for the paintie ticket to submit Shou!
voice reference/claim: Kagamine Len (Vocaloid)
theme song:
Side image is temporary until actual art of Shou is made. Full image here

Comments 26

    • (Random painties again! Shou is dominating random painties xD)

    • "Nyehoooo! Hello!"
      (Random painties!)

    • "Sooo when you get all nine to don't have to ask someone before you make decisions?"

    • "So what happens when you get all nine?"

    • Sparks chuckles "Knowing me, if i had more than one i would probably trip on them and fall on my face every five seconds."

    • Sparks watches Shou's tails wave, his head tilting just a bit. "Aren't they hard to manage?"

    • Sparks chuckled lightly. "Then maybe you should get out more? I mean, i don't think you'll ever be as much as a shut in as hazel, but still." He shakes his head. "Why do you have so many tails? Were you born that way or?"

    • Sparks shook his head. "Dude, if I'm annoying you just say so."

    • Sparks blinks in confusion, his flames completely out once more. "Uh, shrine-fox? What is a shrine-fox?"

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