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Villager: Wolv NOT FOR SALE


Villager Info

ID: #244575


Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 1 month ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: SamTheHusky

Species: Saggitari

Color: Giraffe


House: Olde Foxbury House (20/218)

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Approved: 21 Jun 2017, 1:11 am

Likes: 67 ♥

Tags: monster blue purple cute spooky beast sweet spoop saggitari stellarhyena spook

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Paintie made by SamTheHusky

Art of Wolv

Art made by me:

Crude chibi:


Comments 99

    • "Quite well! I haven't been around in a while to check on my disciples and decided it was high time to fix that."
      (Also known as i finally started playing again)

    • (those eyes are staring into my soul, wow, I both love it and hate it because it's REALLY unnerving
      Awesome paintie though!)

    • oh well fnaf is a horror game with animatronics like oliver over there only they try to murder you.

    • Oliver tilts his head,a click echoing with his gears. Surprisingly,he speaks. It's a bit scraggled,perhaps warped if you will. But it's there,audible and understandable. It seemed calm and friendly,despite his.....ahem,appearance. "I deal with children daily. A pat is the least of my worries." A yes.

    • Diva the tuxedo cat: wow you look like a fnaf character.
      Markus the dutch angel dragon: *starts fanboy screeching as soon as fnaf is mentioned*
      Diva: really Markus? must you be such an uncultured creature every moment i mention fnaf?
      Markus: *continues to run in circles fanboy screeching like crazy:

    • Neige rests his head on Wolv's chest,yawning. Tired boy.

    • Neige squeaks but smiles,tail wagging. He gives Wolv's chin a quick lick before looking away to hide his blush.

    • Neige blushes before hugging Wolv,his wings held to his back. Embarrassed little dragon was in a cuddly mood.

    • "Try to keep yourself healthy... Don't fall ill," he says. "And help Famine out too. Try to find enough to eat over the winter and don't let yourself - or anyone in your village, for that matter - go hungry."

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