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Villager: Noah

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ID: #259105

Name: Noah

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 10 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: ThatSoggyBread

Genus: Shifty

Species: Pigeon

Color: Blue


House: Olde Foxbury House (144/250)

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Approved: 29 Nov 2019, 7:44 pm

Likes: 56 ♥

Tags: bird pigeon postman mail carrier

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Noah looks stunning!


Noah is a postman that seems to always carry a trusty bardiche when out deliverying mail and packages. They pride on their photographic memory and their superbird abillity to never get lost. Behind Noah's unyielding eyes is actually a goof bird who isn't so great at taking things seriously.

[Noah will respond in character if they're not busy]

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Furvilla Post Office (Events)


Comments 31

    • Oh my god love them, absolutely superb you funky lil mail carrier

    • call me silly but the name tag looks like it says Dean

    • Oh shoot, I was workin' on a paintie fo'my brother of a messenger pigeon x,>
      This oc is very lovely btw, Pigeons need mo'love~ <3

    • [ What a wonderful pigeon-postman. ]

    • "You uh, you ever need that thing on the job or is it just for show?"

    • "Golly! That blade looks sharp!" (Awesome character!)

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