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Villager: Indigo



Villager Info

ID: #264008

Name: Indigo

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 2 years, 9 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: MoonMcMuffins

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Oceandome House (78/204)

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Indigo looks stunning!


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✧★ ┊ ┊┊ ┊ ✦ ┊ ┊ ┆
✦ ┊✧ ┊ ✧ ┊ ☆
┊ ☆ ★

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| Comfort Sona | ♊️ | Paintie By me

✨ Basic Info ✨

Full Name: Prince Indigo Nights

Nicknames/Aliases: J. Coco, Gemini, Alexander N, MoonBeam, Prince

Species: Silver Fox x Angel

Age: none

Sex: Male

Sexuality: straight

DoB: June 7th

Height: 5'2

Relationship: taken

Occupation: Musician/Gaurdian Angel

Good Personality Traits: kind, loving, generous, witty, confident, humble, cunning, charming, observant, strong-willed, caring, wise, spontaneous

Bad Personality Traits: Shy, stubborn, arrogant, quiet, mischievous, egotistical, judgemental, cocky


A spunky lil fox, with an attitude. Hes very quiet & maybe, shy to strangers. He's one to always speak up when something isn't right & he isn't afraid to speak his mind, no matter how controversial it may be. Those who know him best says he's incredibly charming, sassy, witty, & arrogant. Sometimes too arrogant. He gives off a vibe of a badass & confidence that makes him look... a bit egotistical. He tends to come off as rude sometimes although most of the time it's completely unintentional. Deep down he's a loner at heart. Indigo's a quick thinker & has very sharp tongue. He often thinks outside the box & has a way with words.

But despite all of that, he is very loving, sweet, generous & has a huge soft spot for everyone and everything.


playing instruments, singing, music, cold weather, snow, tea/coffee,
meditating, lavender, fashion, parties


mainstream stuff, obsessive swearing,
politics, blizzards, social media, warm weather


A bit on the small side. Both feminine & masculine slender build, with slight curves. His hair is naturally dark, black. It can be purple with black tips, or solid purple. Has small black heart-shaped beauty mark on the right side of his face below his eye. Big brownish amber eyes. Has a pair of large lavender colored wings, optional.

✨ Accessories & Ect. ✨

♛ • Fur • ♛
Black, White & Purple

♛ • Eyes • ♛
Brownish Hazel, Sometimes has a green-ish tint

♛ • Hair • ♛
His hair has different variants but it's always mixed w purple & black. Natural hair is black.
(alt hair colors: solid purple, or purple w black/black w purple highlights)

♛ • Accessories • ♛
Purple Spiked Collar, Scarfs, Purple Heart Ring, White Beanie. All of his accessories are optional

i spoil the hell outta this boi

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