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Villager: Taemin



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ID: #270941

Name: Taemin

Gender: Agender

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 1 year, 8 months ago

Career: Cook

Owner: Saeran

Genus: Shifty

Species: Canine

Color: Shiba Inu

House: Tigereye Peak House (1/75)

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Taemin looks stunning!

Taemin's very special treasure!



Taemin, Tea - Him / They - Polysexual - 17


"Do you love me?"


You can find his ref sheet here.
You can find all his art here.
Character created September 19 2016


Taemin has an older brother named Pilot.
Taemin has a fiancé named Beau.
Taemin has a stepson named Jinko-o.
Taemin has a best friend named Jesse.


Beside Taemin sits a large black labrador, it's head gets to just about his knees. It's wearing an orange vest that reads "WORKING ANIMAL" on one side and "DO NOT DISTRACT" on the other. It's also wearing a neon orange collar that reads "Box" on an attached tag, with what seems to be a phone number below it. It seems very friendly, but also very focused on Taemin.


Birthname Pilate, Taemin is a unsociable, overweight oddball. He will eat anything that's sugary, weather it be candies or fruits... But not raisins! To Taemin, raisins and bugs are hell-spawns on earth. He loves to cloud gaze, and lay on the grass, as long as there's no bugs hiding there!
The only bug he's alright with are ladybirds, but he normally.... Eats them...

Though he is yet to learn to accept it, Taemin's childhood was full of abuse, cruelty and heartbreak.
He grew up in a toxic household with only one parent and his twin brother, who would later run away to live a life devoted to Mormonism.
Though he had to endure all of his parent's torments for a while, he was later taken away by a mad scientist and her husband, claiming to be Child Protective Services. Though he was experimented on, he was able to escape with his now fiancé, Beau. However, due to a certain set of pills, there is a high chance Taemin does not remember his time with the scientists.

Secretly however, in a state of phycosis, Taemin returns to the lab, bearing matches. He sneaks in, and knocks over and ignites every flammable looking thing. The mad scientists run out, but Taemin stays, determined to die in the hellhole as he wishes he could have.

He was found days later by his fiancé, covered in burns and lost patches of fur. He makes a bit of a recovery, but a large amount of fur does not grow back.


Taemin is not especially close to his brother, because of their contradicting personalities and beliefs.

The two were reunited after Pilate was located by Isabel - the lead scientist and Beau's fianceé - and brought to the lab. Pilate extended his paw in love and religious offering, but was rejected by Taemin. However, Beau kept in contact, and Pilate ending up being the one to help the two escape.

Unlike Taemin, Pilot is very religious, and although he supports and loves Taemin to the grave, the two can very easily get into heavily heated arguments. They seem to have mutually decided it's better to stay away from each other.

Taemin legally changed his name from Pilate to Taemin soon after escaping the lab. He will proudly tell you that he changed it out of distaste for his brother.


Taemin first met Beau, a stand-up comedian and his now Fiancé, when he was fourteen - when he was taken away from his home.
During the time Beau spent with him, he felt more and more sympathetic for the boy, sympathy which eventually blossomed into a crush.

Because of pills Taemin was on, he was unable to remember Beau for more then a day, So everytime Beau saw him, he would proclaim his love for him, calling him beautiful and his angel, and his true soulmate.

The day before the two escaped together, Beau divorced his wife, planning to run away with Taemin. It wasn't difficult for Beau or his wife, Isabel, as she told him she had eyes for another scientist working with them.

But then they ran away.

A comfortable while after, Beau proposed to Taemin at a themepark, and now the two are happily engaged, They are hoping to have a small but beautiful wedding sometime in the future.


It was not until recently that Taemin met his stepson, Jinko-o.

Beau was very open about the fact that he had been married before, to a girl, but the one thing he never mentioned was that he actually had a son! It was a giant shock when Jinko-o was eventually revealed.

Taemin was angry, not at Beau, but at the boy. He hated children, they made him think of his childhood, but when he really thought.. The kid before him was probably confused with his parents, and with his life, so, the least Taemin could do was try to be the best step-parent he could be. He enjoys teaching Jinko-o about clouds.

After a brief meeting with Beau, Isabel (The mother), Lucil (Isabel's partner) and Taemin, the broken family decided that Jinko-o would be under Beau and Taemin's care every second Monday through Friday. After a while, Taemin actually started looking forward to Jinko-o's visits, always taking him on walks - weather it be to school or to the park - and baking with him.


Jesse and Taemin's friendship is still budding, but the two have grown very close even in the short time they've known eachother.

Jesse was a childhood friend of Beau's, but the two had lost contact after Jesse dropped out of school to pursue their dream of being an actor. Taemin met Jesse one night at one of Beau's shows, and explained that Beau was his fiancé, so he could re-introduce the two!
Taemin was thrilled to see Beau with his old pal, and naturally wanted to befriend Jesse also.
Jesse comes by occasionally to hang out, and when Taemin goes out, he can often be found with Jesse.


Taemin spends his days in his shared apartment listening to music and baking sweets. Beau comes home everyday, and the two will spend their evening together. On days Beau works, he will take a few of the sweets Taemin has made and sell them at his theatre. On the days he doesn't, he and Taemin will likely find a nice populated space and sell their works there.

His life may not be the best, and at times it's really hard, but with his loving fiancé and the people around him, he is slowly learning to live and let live again.




You notice a polaroid close to Taemin. Take a closer look ?


Voice Claim: Saeran Choi - Mystic Messenger

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