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Villager: Fu

Villager Info

ID: #273365

Name: Fu

Gender: Genderless

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 2 years, 8 months ago

Career: Crafter

Owner: Arkiger

Feast Points: 8

Genus: Shifty

Species: Sun God

Color: White Tiger

Costume: Mythic


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/250)

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Approved: 31 Jan 2018, 9:36 pm

Likes: 156 ♥

Tags: rainbow tiger kiwiggle

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Fu looks stunning!

Fu's very special treasures!


art by hatty

Fu is known as the bringer of the sun. Each day, he leads the sun to dawn, and he leads it to dusk. Often during the night, he comes across wil-o-wisps-- the souls of the departed, lost and unable to pass on. He brings these spirits on his journey, protecting them as he leads them to the afterlife.

His colouful flames are cool to the touch. Flowers sprout from the ground he walks on. His markings, blue like the sky, swirl and are never the same.

Check out his toyhou.se!


paintie 1 by kiwiggle
paintie 2 by buffalo
paintie 3 by [redacted]
paintie 4 by arkiger
paintie 5 by arkiger
paintie 6 by arkiger
paintie 7 by raimu


Comments 20

    • Is this like a sunset version

    • Gorgeous!!! I love the colours and his lil colour =)

    • Oh Fu looks absolutely stunning!

    • I love all of Fu's painties! Your character is one of my absolute favorites on FV, if I'm honest :O

    • You did such an AMAZING job emulating kiwi's style. 10/10 ;0;

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