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Villager: Riley

Villager Info

ID: #315938

Name: Riley

Gender: uwu

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 1 year, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: OneByOne

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Festive Ribbon


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/250)

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Riley looks stunning!

Riley's very special treasure!


As you wander around Quetzal Palace, you spy a piece of deep ruby-red ribbon, fluttering in the air. The ribbon captivates you with its silky texture, and rich gold trim woven along the sides. You reach out, and snag the treasure out of the air. "It has to be worth a pretty penny," you think to yourself, tucking the ribbon into your coat pocket.
Suddenly, something slams into you from behind. You look up quickly, and see a number of villagers around you have also been knocked over.
"Hey, watch where you're going!" Someone snaps.
"Clumsy..." Another mutters, rubbing the back of their head.
A sheepish-looking Dutch Angel Dragon hovers in the midst of the chaos. With light caramel-colored fur, small pointed horns, white swirly markings, and delicately curled red ribbons, you wonder how such a graceful and beautiful creature could be capable of what just happened.
"I am truly sorry," The Dragon says profusely, looking down at the ground. As the villagers pick themselves off the ground, mumbling things under their breath, you feel the need to console the Dragon standing in front of you.
"Hey, it's ok." You smile, and put your paws into your pockets, ready to move on with your day. Your paw brushes against the red ribbon, and you soon notice that the ribbon wrapped around the Dragon matches the piece you have in your pocket.
"Say, does this ribbon belong to you?" You hold the ribbon out to the Dragon.
"Why, yes! It does. Thank you tons. My name's Riley," Riley gushes, looking ecstatic.
"I hope you have a good day." You say with a short nod of your head.
"You too!" Riley replies.
As you walk away, you turn your head to look back.
Riley has already gone.
You hope someday to run into them again, and maybe have a nice chat.

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