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Villager: Jonas


Villager Info

ID: #316964

Name: Jonas

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 1 year, 4 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Drone

Species: Hyena

Color: Striped


House: FurCash House

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Full name: Jonas Wheatley Mellifera

Nickname(s) or Alias: Drone

Gender: Male

Species: Hybeena

Age: 26


Height: 6"0

Weight: 180 lbs.

Figure/build: Slightly muscular, wiry

Preferred style of clothing: "Confy..." Loose clothing, shorts and blouses are common, with jackets as an addition in the fall.


Jonas smokes, but he's been trying to break the habit. He hasn't quite yet.


Personality: Generally placid, doesn’t take a side majority of the time, and a bit of a pessimist. Also a bit of a pushover. He prefers to settle things through diplomacy, but when things get really, really heated, let’s just say you’re gonna get chewed out pretty well.
He will often notice the flaws of people and comment about it to himself. But he’s a bit of a hypocrite in that regard, too prideful to reflect on his own actions and self. This often leads to him not knowing what’s wrong with himself and feeling very self-conscious. He’s always there to lend a helping hand, for a heart to heart, or a shoulder to cry on. A very sympathetic and empathetic person, and in the end, he finds himself a secret romantic and thinking about the future. This doesn’t stop him from being in the present though; there's a time and a place for mucking around! He usually wants his opinion heard, but is too quiet to be heard most of the time,

Likes: Gardening, tending to his apiaries, drawing monsters, knitting, listening to many different types of music, boxing, reading, mostly horror and juvenile fiction. He also enjoys studying biology, anatomy, bone structure, robotics, programming, and motors. A comforting pass time for him is building and working on motorcycles. Similarly, he likes building PCs from scratch also. His favorite weather is cloudy days.

Dislikes: Lipstick, messing up, loud noises, arguments, and having to watch people be hurt. Himself, to an extent, being yelled at, being Slimed, Dishonesty, slackers, and low-integrity people. He also dislikes the taste of alcohol, being confused with a coat rack, and lazy people infuriate him to no end. Also does not like ketchup.

Fears/phobias: Falling, being disliked, being picked up.

Favourite colour: Orange

Hobbies: Gardening, drawing, pressing plants, Beekeeping, Boxing

Taste in music: Folk, Classic rock, Early country, bluegrass, covers, certain bands, mashups, Lemon Demon, Vaporwave, many, many things.


Talents/skills: Competent at fixing most things, has a green thumb and a knack for drawing things stylistically. Not too good at realistic portraits, but can do them.

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Drives his car and motorcycle, can pilot hand operated boats, e.g. rowboat/kayak


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore, but stays close to his roots, too. Eats a healthy, balanced diet suited for his favorite sport, Boxing.

Favourite food(s): Tiramisu as a treat, venison as a meat, and brocoli as a vegetable. Uses honey as a sweetener to his coffee, too.

Favourite drink(s): Water! He loves water. He doesn't drink soda. Monster or coffee are also alternatives if he needs a boost during the day.

Disliked food(s): Eggs, bitter food, lettuce.

Disliked drink(s): Sodas, most energy drinks.


Describe the character's house/home: His house is a cabin that is surrounded by a small forest.The closest town is about a quarter of a mile away. His Cabin’s entrance is a small six foot by six foot hallway before leading into his Living room/hearth room. To the west, from the entrance, is a small kitchen. It contains a work triangle, an island, a dishwasher, and many cabinets. His refrigerator is always stocked with raw meat and fresh vegetables. To the east is a hallway with his bedroom, the bathroom, and two guest rooms. One is used for storage, while the other is prepped for unexpected guests. All things considered, pretty simple and snug cabin.

Do they share their home with anyone? Who? Used to rent out his guest rooms before he had to kick them out. He stopped renting after that. They were... weird.

Significant/special belongings: A moth eaten bee plushie.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Defensive. More passive, but his boxing training helps him see openings. He relies more on counters than anything.

Fighting skills/techniques: Before boxing he trained in MMA, so he uses roundsteps, opensteps, and throws. He prefers a hip-throw over any other. Due to his current boxing training, he focuses more on punches than anything, trying to knock down his foes before they can.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Training as previously discussed, and also can use his wings to give him an extra boost in the air.

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