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Villager: Zinnia



Villager Info

ID: #331103

Name: Zinnia

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 11 months, 26 days ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Pikabolt

Species: Gryphon

Color: Dame

Costume: Lion Warrior


House: Quetzal Palace House (108/148)

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Zinnia's very special treasures!


*As Zinnia and Xino finish their spar, you can now safely approach the gryphon. Xino takes the opportunity to thank Zinna for the spar, before he turns and lopes off back to the village proper, Zinnia turning to face you as he does*

Hail, traveler. Do you need something?

Oh, that? Just a friendly sparring match. Dueling people with different fighting styles invigorates the blood, you know? They vary across regions and teachers, and every fight teaches you something new. Villagers without hands certainly have innovating methods which they use to fight. It's quite refreshing battling such an opponent.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. What was it you needed?

Where I’m from? Ha, is it that obvious? Yes, I’m not from around here. I hail from the frigid heights of Tiger Eye Peak, where I was born and raised alongside my brothers and sisters on valor and heroism. We are a family of warriors. Battle is in our blood. For generations, my family has fought against all manner of foes in our icy homeland.

You think we- oh heavens, no! Any fool who derides the noble art of healing is only a body that hasn’t realized it has died yet!

Ah, forgive me. I am somewhat...passionate about the topic.

Why am I here? My family has conquered almost everything there is to know on the mountain. I came here in search of new goes to fight, and new glory to be had. And what is a warrior’s glory but the safety of their village?

Hmm, who was that I was fighting? Ah. Xino. He's a gifted warrior for one not even out of their teenage years. Especially considering the adjustment he had to make for no longer having hands.

What am I talking about? Xino is just like Ephemera. One of the dead risen again, and not like those in Dragon's Maw Manor. Which is beyond tragic, that they both died young. The fact that they were reborn here doesn't change the fact that they died.

A warrior’s first duty is to their village. And a village’s first duty is to the young. These are the tenets by which I live by, what I swore on my honor that I would uphold. And what worse tragedy is there than when a guardian fails in their duty to protect the young?

I must take my leave of you now. Take care, traveler. Tell me, should you know if any warriors in search of a duel, would you care to send them my way? Nothing beats the thrill of battle between two valiant opponents.


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    • Thank you for helping me get my ten duels!

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