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Villager: Nyeupe



Villager Info

ID: #333555

Name: Nyeupe

Gender: Genderless

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 11 months, 15 days ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: Meepthedutchie

Species: Dragon

Color: Iridescent


House: FurCash House

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Nyeupe looks stunning!

Nyeupe's very special treasure!


Nyeupe is a shy and lovable dork. They have a nack for plants that's why they're into herboligy. Nyeupe finds plants fascinating and does their best to treat them like people. They act as plants are their only friend aside from Shapu.

>>You spot a colorful plant peaking through tarp of a wild looking green house
>>You Walk in to look for it and trip over a small rock
>>wait that's not a rock that's a small Dragon :O
"Ouff* they squeak
>You apologize profusely as the dragon dusts themselves off<
" Don't worry about it! Anyways what are you doing in my greenhouse? " They ask
>You tell them about the flower and a flicker of recognition goes through their eyes<
"Ah you mean my daisies!!"
>They seemed to puff up with pride as they describe the care and work they put into their plants<
>They gush and gush for hours and before you know it the sun begins to set in the sky<
>>Nyeupe takes you to a cloudy peak to watch the sun set
>You both watch the Oceandome light up in the distance as Nyeupe tells you about the unique plants that grow there.......<

Comments 3

    • Nyeupe don't talk bad about your singing! I've heard your voice and it floats over the ears like the soft clouds around Queztal palace.

      Now quit talking bad about yourself for once and except that your adorable. ÙwÚ

    • H-hey I'm Nyeupe it's nice to meet you a-all whoa that's a lot of people......(what to talk about....?). Ah my plants my favorite is my Flying Larkspur I had a particular type that seemed more p-pink then purple and I named it s-sunset. I know I'm s-stupid to name a plant it won't even know it's name. I find that singing to my p-plants seem to make them grow faster(stupid b-but worth a try..?). I d-don't have a good s-singing voice but Shapu will tell you other wise ( d-dont believe him) but that's all about me I love to talk to Meep,Razzi, and Shapu. In my free time I go and visit the friendly shop keeper at angelic craftables. I-i hope your day is filled with life. UwU <3

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