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Villager: Wimix



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ID: #333975

Name: Wimix

Gender: Genderfluid

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 1 year, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: GhostiFloof

Genus: Shifty

Species: Wickwulf

Color: Starry Night


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (195/195)

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Approved: 4 Aug 2020, 10:38 am

Likes: 17 ♥

Tags: wolf candle akamina-etu wickwulf wickerkin wimix starsong

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~*Wimix 'Subject: Starsong' ~ He/Him/They/Them ~ Bi/Pan*~
~*A Wickerkin of unknown origin with the surname 'Starsong' and a knack for surviving out in the wilderness*~
~*An amazing gift from Vesker *~
~*Paintie and the Wickerkins species are owned by Akamina-Etu *~


~*Evaluating your options inside the mansion...and how all of them seemed absolutely TERRIBLE...you decided to quickly and quietly step back out onto the porch. The howling and growling had long since died down, but now it seemed to be replaced with an eerie silence...and pitch black darkness. You whipped you head around, realizing that even the light resonating from the windows of the mansion now seemed to be fading...Something wasn't right. And you did not like ANY OF IT.
You cautiously stepped down from weathered wood to feel cold earth squeeze beneath your toes, your arms fully extended now that you couldn't see anything within an inch of your face. All light coming from the mansion had now vanished...come to think of it...you don't even remember which direction you came from...! You whipped your head around in a panic...the sky, the stars, the moon...not even the GROUND was visible now! Your breath started growing choppier and choppier as you stumbled forward, reaching blindly for, well, ANYTHING to grab onto...eventually, you managed to bump into and grab hold of what seemed to be the smooth trunk of a small tree. As you attempted to recollect yourself, you could practically HEAR the hair on your neck stand on end as you were snapped to attention at the sound of soft, shrill cackles surrounding you...growing louder and louder...you kept clinging to the tree, eyes wide as you felt something suddenly *SNAP!* at your legs. You gave a quiet *yipp!* as you tried slinking back behind the small tree, burying your face into the trunk and shaking, waiting for something else to happen...
After about a minute, you could feel your heart jump into your throat as something thick and warm seemed to be dripping down the tree's trunk, coating your hands and the front of your body...you were hesitant to move, mostly out of fear...but the sound of the cackling turning to whimpers peaked your interest. You slowly brought your face from the trunk, a bright bluish-purple glow now illuminating the area as you looked down to see a dark, shimmery substance hardening around your hands...an eyebrow cocked, you leaned it to smell it...was this wax? You looked back to the tree trunk...it was completely MADE of this stuff. Plenty of questions started racing through your head at this point, but not before your head shot up to the sound of whimpers turning to howls and yowls of pain, and shadowy figures bolting in all directions. You looked up, eyes wide to see the tree trunk you were clinging to was actually the leg of a...very tall...wolf creature. It stared out into the night, watching the shadows with a close, piercing glare...the bluish glow from before grew even brighter, and eventually the haze that obscured your vision finally dissipated, leaving the two of you alone in the glow of late moonlight. Still shaking slightly, you scraped off as much wax from the front of your body as possible before already starting to bee-line back to the mansion...well, at least you WERE, before you felt something suddenly sweep you up from behind into their big, warm embrace. Looking around in slight confusion, you started tensing up as you felt more wax start to slowly drip down your back...but with this you were also relieved, as it meant it was only the wolf. He scanned the area, taking the both of you through the forest as you decided to take this time to get a better look at him. And, to your surprise, the glow from earlier seemed to be coming from his head and tails...even MORE surprising than that, you looked up to be suddenly face-to-face with, well...another head. Two more, to be exact. They looked you on with a curious glimmer in their eyes, extending their free arm as they gently poked and prodded at your sides, their ears perking at the sound of your uncontrollable giggling and laughing...not long after that, the first head started to growl. The other two slightly cowered away before falling back in place, and soon the both of you found yourselves in a cozy little clearing with a small camp set up at it's center.
A roaring fire sat at it's middle, with a heap of worn blankets and make-shift pillows piled not far from the flickering heat that the both of you started walking towards. The wolf gently set you down atop some of the pillows and immediately wrapped you in a needlessly fluffy animal skin before letting out a quiet whistle. A minute or so passed, but eventually a bag leaning up against a nearby tree suddenly toppled to the ground and spilled out across the grass. A multitude of different materials and tools littered the ground, but a rustling from the bag showed a small wooden chest peeking out from the underneath the bag's top, a short, pink tongue slowly unfurling from it's mouth. The light of the campfire caught it's silver trimming as it pranced up to the wolf's side, a plate bolted to it's front reading off the name 'Chester'. It paused in one spot, letting out a series of strained coughs before a small, silver pipe fell from it's mouth, which the wolf picked up after patting the chest atop his lid in gratitude. The two walked themselves back to where you were, situating themselves in the heaps of blankets and pillows before the wolf flashed the pipe your way. Looking it over, it was actually a pretty well kept flute, only showing slight signs of constant use and...wax stains...with the name 'Wimix' engraved in it's side. He seemed pretty proud to show it off, and was even prouder to start playing it as the night rolled on. In an instant, the soft, calm notes that hung through the air with each breath seemed to float effortlessly into the night. One after another...after another...after another. It was growing harder to stay coherent as he kept playing, and you soon found yourself yawning as Chester gently curled up in your lap.
You don't know when you finally felt your eyes flutter close that night, but you do remember feelings of warmth and comfort as the music carried you into soothing dreams...and judging from all the wax coating your shoulders the morning after, Wimix seemed to enjoy your company as well.*~

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