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Villager: Azazel



Villager Info

ID: #339271

Name: Azazel

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 1 year, 5 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: nabob0410

Species: Fox

Color: Red

Costume: Fairy


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 25 May 2020, 6:02 am

Likes: 30 ♥

Tags: fox galaxy fairy luminescent will-o-the-wisp

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Azazel looks stunning!

Azazel's very special treasures!


"Umbra, we need to head back to the village. Now." "Why? We were just starting to have fun..." Azazel glanced at Umbra as she sighed and got up. Torchlight at the bottom of the hill caught his eye, and his eyes narrowed, alarmed. "Burn her!" Shouts rang out, shattering the calm night. Azazel's face went from mildly alarmed to full shock. He pushed Umbra into the shadow of a tree, running in the opposite direction, purposely leaving tracks behind him. He could hear the people behind him, and he smiled. Umbra would be safe. They were obviously after her. He wouldn't let anything happen to her, not as long as he was alive.
Blue wisps were left in his footprints, lighting up the tree trunks and casting an eerie blue glow behind him.
Azazel dashed into a cave, still smiling. Oh, he couldn't wait for the fun to begin. Just as one man entered the cave, torch held high, he opened his mouth, a blue orb manifesting in between his jaws. It hit the man right in between his shoulder blades, causing him to fall to the ground in pain. Suddenly, Umbra popped out of a shadow and blocked Azazel, not wanting him to harm the man any more. "Come on, let's go. We can let Azrael take care of this if they follow us into the city. They wouldn't dare follow us there anyways, right?" Azazel nodded, even though he knew that they would. These people were out to hunt monsters, and they wouldn't stop at a puny warning message written a couple hundred years in the past. He and Umbra ran back out of the cave, straight past the other three men. They shouted, chasing after them. As soon as the two got to the city, the four hunters behind them, Azazel sighed in relief. A large Gem Raptor was standing on the top of a pillar, looking up at the sky. Stars shone in her claws and her gem. "Azrael. We have a problem!" Azazel called out, and the Raptor turned. Her black eyes seemed to bore into his soul, and the white pupils made the impression even more impressive. She leapt off of the pillar, and towards the men. "This once then, got it? But only because you got me that pie." Umbra and Azazel continued on towards the village, leaving the raptor to do her work. Screams rang out, but faded and cut off as the pair neared the village. Illerea nodded to them as they started towards the little hut will the front yard full of ferrets. "Well. Today was... tiring. I am going to sleep. Have a good night, Umbra. Sleep well." Umbra nodded, curling up in front of the house as Azazel went inside. Tomorrow would be another day, a fresh start.

Personal Goals:
-FD: 211/250

Role: Azazel is often confused with Azrael, even though they have almost opposite personalities. He likes to be alone with his animals, but will allow guests to the village to enter his house and look around. If you ask him for one of his animals, he may give you one as a gift.

Likes: Being alone, taking care of his animals.
Dislikes: People who abuse animals, being in crowded areas.
Good Habits: Standing up for animals who are being abused, giving animals to Warren.
Bad Habits: Hoarding too many animals, biting people who get too close to him.
How to make happy/exited: Giving him pets, giving him food, trying to make friends with him (people succeed most of the time).
How to make sad/upset: Taking his animals without his permission, being rude to him, abusing animals in front of him.
Favorite food: Cheese.
Favorite game: N/A
Favorite thing to watch: N/A
Hobbies: Breeding animals to get more animal friends.

-As an immortal, he takes full responsibility for the lives of the mortals around him. He tends to stay to himself, refusing to make connections with mortals to save himself the heartbreak of eventually loosing them.

-His paw pads can leave behind smears of bio-luminescent liquid, so at night, lost travelers can follow his footsteps to safety. For this reason, he is called 'The Wanderer.'

-Azazel will talk civilly in any situation, and does not use contractions like it's or they've. Example: "They do not look like they will pose much of a threat to me. Allow me to handle this situation."

-Azazel is extremely brave, not scared of much, and hates the taste of mushrooms.

-Like Azrael, Azazel has traits common in psychosis. He'll only hurt those who hurt Umbra.

-He will reply in character.


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    • im glad that i made the costume for you, it has been put to good use!

    • Oh my gosh, the pixel replacing the FV logo is adorable!! Reminds me of Ichor I love it <33

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