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Villager: Lean



Villager Info

ID: #367272

Name: Lean

Gender: Non-Binary

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 months, 4 days ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Askata

Species: Corvid

Color: Magpie


House: Olde Foxbury House (44/60)

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Lean looks stunning!

Lean's very special treasures!


" Hello? Hello? " A voice calls out, it's dark and compressed where the fragile bird lays. " Hello? " There it is again, that voice. " Hellooo? " A male, at least, that's what Lean thinks. they open their eyes, it's dark, rocky and sharp. " Hello, is anyone there? " Lean croaks out a noise, the voice stops for a minute, shuffling can be heard, then the voice continues. " Who was that? " Lean mumbles, trying to make sense of this. A hand suddenly reaches in, no... a paw. a grey paw. " Excuse me? " The voice says. Lean takes the paw and is hauled out, a grey wolf with dark grey spots stands in front of them, wings folded at his sides.

that's how the story began.

CSS IS BY snowflakeartist ! please check them out!

Comments 24

    • "Why would I lie about the state of my bro- king's tails?" Rowan cocked his head to the side.

    • "Should I send you Plasma's way? Or Terror's?"

    • "I remember you. You're the one that asked about my tails, hm?" Rowan paused.

    • You're very welcome dear~ Just be sure to find a way to notify me of your response to Koa next time, m'kay? <3

    • " Oh! Thank you very much, and no worries! I'll make sure to keep this one away ^^ "

    • Hey! I'm here with the ticket, sorry about the wait ^^"

      *Koa gives you the silver ticket from earlier. Now you can finally read-

      "Snapper MYO! Up to 50k fc in free traits!"*

      Hope you find a decent use for this--- But if you care about any of us, please don't bring them to the Rose palace, you'll quite terrify them by letting in a Snapper ^^"

    • "Interesting. The texture of this edible if that of which I have not tasted before. It seems to be a mix of crunchy and soft, not something we have on my planet. Tell me, dear bird, what brings you here? By here I am referring to the dear clouds beneath your feet, our Cloudspace. We don't get many visitors nowadays. I'm not sure why. I guess we've faded into obscurity." Plasma shrugged.
      (Plasma is embodiment of writing an essay. I just realised that's how he talks lmao)

    • Plasma skeptically took a bite.
      "It... does taste quite good. Bake them yourself?"

    • Plasma gave a slightly annoyed look. "As I've stated in out previous dialog exchange, I must have all food tested for poison before I eat it. Nothing personal. If you refuse to eat it than I will assume it's poisonous."

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