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Villager: Azrael



Villager Info

ID: #368627

Name: Azrael

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 7 months, 7 days ago

Career: Cook

Owner: nabob0410

Feast Points: 12

Species: Gem Raptor

Color: Void


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/65)

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Approved: 14 May 2020, 3:12 am

Likes: 24 ♥

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Azrael's very special treasures!




"Testing, testing! Is this thing on? Alright! This just in. A Gem Raptor is rampaging across the city! We advise everyone to stay inside, in a well lit place with very few items in the room with them. Do not trust anyone, this creature can take on any form it wants to, from reports we've heard. The raptor seems to respond to the name 'Azr-" Static cut across the TV and through the flickers, one could see the face of a Gem Raptor, their eyes distorted as the TV flickered. Bits of screams echoed through the static, and roars. Then, the TV shut off, and everything went silent.

All around the city, panic was setting in. A monster was in their midst, and it could be any one of them.

Two centuries later, a hiker traveled to the ruins of the city, searching for what was supposed to be a legendary scroll that contained a powerful potion. He found a small temple that supported a large crystal in the middle. A crack ran up one side, and that was where he found the scroll. Opening it, he saw a rough sketch of a Gem Raptor. Disgusted, he threw the scroll to the ground, and in his anger, lit it on fire with a lighter. He was turning around to leave the temple, when a roar split the air behind him. A large figure burst out of the fire, the ashes of the scroll scattering everywhere. Without hesitating, he ran towards the ruined city, screaming for his campmates to come and help him.

His campmates heard him, and rushed to help him. When they reached the area, a bloody sight awaited them. Written in fresh blood were the words:
'Debitoribus reddet pretium vitae.'
They wrote down these words in an observation book, running back to their campsite and leaving. They would not trespass, for fear of the monster lurking within the ruins of the city.
[Find the rest of the story in Illerea's profile.]

Personal Goals:
Wrist Hooks (156/250)
FD (0/250)

Personal Wishlist:
-Wrist Hooks

Likes: Painting, racing or playing video games with her friend Illerea.
Dislikes: Sad/horror movies.
Good Habits: Making gifts for her friends. Painting to relieve stress.
Bad Habits: Biting others.
How to make happy/exited: Offering food or new books/paper/paintbrushes. Offering to be genuine friends.
How to make sad/upset: Taking her food away. Saying rude things about or lying to her. She also dislikes when people shun her for being immortal. The topic of Illerea's death also triggers her.
Favorite food: Cookies, rice (preferably cheesy), pizza.
Favorite game: Five Nights at Freddy's.
Favorite thing to watch: BNHA or Fairytail.

-Azrael on the outside is outgoing and happy. Sometimes a little too happy. She can be a little dark sometimes, and a little crazy.

-Azrael on the inside, she's pretty depressed. She is depressed because she cannot die, and because she isn't normal, or like some of the other villagers. She is a Glitch, an anomaly in life's code.

-Illerea approached her one day, and decided to strike up a conversation with her. He is one of the reasons that she seems so happy. Illerea is now her best friend, and they can be found painting together at nearly all times of the day. This is sometimes put on hold though, because Azrael is a Blacksmith, Cook and Doctor, and Illerea is an Explorer.

-Unlike other Glitches, she likes the taste of blood.

-Her companion's name, Azazeru, means 'Azrael' in Japanese. She found the bird when she was looking for Illerea, to ask him if he wanted to paint.

-She regularly breaks the fourth wall, asking questions or commenting about the CSS of villagers pages. Be careful, because she will tell you if she likes something about your profile.

-Will respond as if she's roleplaying, whether you are or not.

-Amber 'voices' her, and Jack voices 'The Narrator'.

-She makes visits to all different sorts of creatures around Furvilla. When she visits, she sometimes leaves little gits behind her. If you're lucky enough, she may invite you to an event. What is this event, you say? Well... you'll find out if you're lucky!

-1st paintie by Amber. It's the form she had right after she died. (Amber is usually the one speaking when this is the current paintie.)
-2nd paintie also by Amber. This is Azrael's astral form, the form she took after she animated Tor and (maybe) became a better person. (Jack is usually the one speaking when this is the current paintie.)
-3rd paintie is by Jest, and is coming soon. This is the shadow form, the form she is found in the most in the ruins of the city. (Jest is usually the one speaking when this is the current paintie. Jest is a fragment, and rarely speaks, so this probably won't come up a lot).

Toyhouse link: https://toyhou.se/6526881.azrael
(I do a lot of Traditional Art for her).


Comments 67

    • "What animal do you like as a pet?" A little green triceratops pads up next to him. It growls playfully and runs around him. "Oh." His gaze shifts to his pet. "Sorry about that." Hanuel picks up the pet, and pets it. "This is jade."

    • "Yes." He laughs warmly. "I live near the shores, It's nice. And thank you" Haneul's gaze shines with happiness.

    • "Haneul. Haneul is my name. You seem like an interesting friend, and it's great to meet you, too."

    • "Hello there. " The ghost shark bows respectfully, his milky white eyes seeming to inspect you. "May i ask, what is your name?" Haneul's tail flicks, interested and wanting to know this person.

    • "Oh hello! You look like you have some stars on you." Nova says, their galaxy dust floating slowly behind. they pulled out a box of sorts from their dust. "I heard that you like pizza, so I made some out of my stardust! Oh, don't worry it's still like normal pizza for the most part..." They turned to look at the dust behind them and waved a paw at it, suddenly the dust whipped up and flurried around them. "I hope you have a nice day!"

    • ¨Hope I can drop by! Hehe!¨, Squirmle Boi says, dropping from the ceiling. She was about to wave, but then jumped back, started. ¨You look d-different...¨, She says, scared as hecc. (Hi, raptor version of Purple Guy)

    • Well, so far we have Neutrality 21482664_0R08FhlIqRDUttf.png

      Benevolence 21401874_VqBF5MznwWUN43h.png

      and Malevolence 21456657_WngwN2zX1WdmoJk.png

      It does seem as if they're all the same, but they are different. The difference is size and level of detail/menacing-ness ^^" It does seem ridiculous, I'll admit, but should you see the difference in Sallentine.. It'd make more sense.

    • Forms, hmmn? Perhaps I should get Anna to do my other forms for me, and hunt down some more paintie tickets~ ;3

    • Oh, you've gotten a new paintie! ^^ I very much like it, dear! <3

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