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Villager: Koa, King of Roses



Villager Info

ID: #373858

Name: Koa, King of Roses

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 months, 16 days ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: AnnaDragonShadow

Genus: Shifty

Species: Honey Glider

Color: Royal Red Vampire

Costume: Royal


House: Quetzal Palace House (112/112)

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Approved: 25 Mar 2020, 5:38 pm

Likes: 21 ♥

Tags: gold rose king shifty honey glider annadragonshadow

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Koa, King of Roses looks stunning!

Koa, King of Roses's very special treasures!


[Finally got himself under control uwu]

AKA "Spoiled King of the Roses" and "King Smarty Snooty-pants"

*Koa will ALWAYS respond in character! He loves attention!*

*This chubby little king will be delivering any gift MYO HG tickets to your active villager in an encounter comment, should you ever receive one!!!

Discount tickets (redeemable at the adopt shop) are any shimmery color in the rainbow, while MYO tickets (redeemable on the HG interest thread) are black, silver, or gold, depending on what is written on them!!

Your tickets are ONLY valid if you respond to Koa's encounter event!!*

Koa's Toyhouse!!

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift! That, my dear, is why it is called the present!"

He tries his hardest to be sweet! He's stuck on thinking he'll end up like his father though, so he tends to think people believe he's mean.

Plz don't mention King Fari in front of him, you'll likely make him cry, or make him go hide in a hole for three days

Secretly lonely on a lethal scale- palace folk tend to avoid him, and he has no family.

Koa loves eating, all day, every day. Desperately needs to stop, though, he's getting pretty thick...

Very touchy about the gold petal- It was nearly ripped out on multiple occasions, so it's pretty tender...

WILL throw a huge fit if his crown goes missing or gets dirty

After his mother, a beautiful golden rose, was brutally murdered by his own father, things just weren't the same. He stopped being so kind to everyone, especially since his father was a bad influence (or was it because he was too afraid to be nice with his dad breathing down his neck, threatening to let him starve all the time?)

Once his father was gone, finally! He could do whatever he wanted! And that... Was demanding cookies.

Koa's bad eating habits come mainly from the fact that his father frequently let him go hungry, and forbade anybody else to feed him, on the penalty of death.
"No, silly, you can't possibly love me more than I love you, heehee~!"

Role in the story? : Main, for his
Introduction?: Officially, a description of him from a subject's view
First time mentioned in story? : The young rose who attempted to drag the former king off of the queen

Addictions: Food
Bad Habits: Overeating, being excessively apologetic, being a 'wise-guy', excessive napping
Good Habits: Straightening random things in the palace, cleaning other random things, polishing his mama's tiara out of respect, giving small gifts as apologies for being 'rude', giving gifts in general because he likes to see people smile.
Height: 5'
Hobbies: Late night reading in the library, visiting the kitchens and helping the bakers (and then proceeding to nab 99% of the cookies), visiting townsfolk (rarely)
Intelligent or not? Very
Fears: Famine, having his petals torn out, other Glass Roses that resemble his father even slightly/mirrors (He looks like his father), falling.
Self-Confidence: Surprisingly normal
Rational Or Emotional: BOTH
How to upset/anger? : Deliberately scaring him, blatantly lying to, disrespecting his mother, hurting, disobediance (especially if it shames him), or taunting him.


Comments 68

    • "Of course! Company is always welcome." She smiled and set down a plate on a table and went into her kitchen.

    • Noodle let Koa catch his breath before speaking. "Hey, thanks for the ticket. You're welcome to stay for cake if ya want."
      She held up a piece of marble cake with buttercream icing.

    • "Hey, it's fine- I won't tell a soul. Or a living being. You get the gist, yeah? I'm glad you felt more comfortable talking to me though," she grins. "Anyways, I'm off to visit Wykin, although I might have to make a... small detour along the way. See ya' later!" And then she vanishes.

    • "Oh it's fine, I had to go and grab something from the store," Azrael sheepishly nods. "I'll go check them out right away!"

    • Azrael tilts her head. "Snap and Tender? Gloria? Oh, can I meet them?"

    • "Yes! Uh, I think you were gone for... a week? I think... yeah, I have no idea. Let me do some... math..." Azrael hands a jar of cookies to Koa, whipping out another jar.

    • "OH YOU'RE BACK! It's been YEARS! Well, not actually years, but it feels like years." Azrael laughs. "Ya kinda loose track of time when you're immortal. Anyways, I hope you feel better now? Have some cookies?" She holds out a jar.

    • Penguin looked down at the shimmering ticket "another treasure, i suppose!" He shoved it into his satchel for safe keepings, as the wind may blow it away if he isnt careful...

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