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Villager: Wari

Villager Info

ID: #47078

Name: Wari

Gender: Androgyne

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 1 day ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Runaway

Species: Raptor

Color: Bearded Vulture


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 12 Jul 2016, 2:30 pm

Likes: 36 ♥

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This here is my New Orleans Witch Doctor Wari.

(theme song is Caravan palace Lone digger

I did a lot of work trying to get his base right but in the end the Amazing
Hmsterboygenius saved me!


Comments 24

    • Very true, friend. We all also would be hanging around the main house. Would you be interested in meeting us all that was as well?

    • Thank you very much for the welcome. It's nice to know we have some friends here. Feel free to ask for anything of us though we're mostly focused on being self sufficient.

    • Wow, you're amazing. <3

    • SO much work was put into this and it really shows! Love the overall design. ^-^

    • Mawww thank you very much ! <3
      But you have a very cool Witch Doctor here!
      Love this colors *v*

    • thanks so much! i love yours too! <3

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