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Villager: Mosaic



Villager Info

ID: #52103

Name: Mosaic

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 1 month ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: HgRising

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Bay

Costume: Angelic


House: Quetzal Palace House (22/148)

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Mosaic is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Mosaic looks stunning!

Mosaic's very special treasures!


Current Paintie by CarrotCube I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it was working with them and would recommend them a thousand times over!

Proud to have contributed the original Battle Buddies for all you warriors out there who dont want to go into battle alone! Here is the detailed run down of what my friends can do for you! Take good care of them and they can mean the difference between victory and defeat!

Timber Wolf: 3532-timber-wolf.png
35% Chance to deal 170 physical damage (100% bonus to light, 50% bonus to medium); targets are "marked", so they know this damage is a possibility.
Reduces your opponent's mitigation by 30%.
Reduces your opponent's dodge chance by 70%.

Electric Eel: 3533-electric-eel.png
Shocking Aura - Both players take 250 Lightning damage/turn; scales with your intelligence.
Both players are permanently electrified.

Incredibly Deadly Serpent: 3534-incredibly-deadly-serpent.png
Passively decreases your opponent's STR/AGI/INT by 2, and deals 70 dark damage per turn to them.
Has a 15% chance to deal 500 dark damage to your opponent; this effect is hidden.

Trained Falcon: 3535-trained-falcon.png
Deals 170 pure damage per round to your opponent; reduces their INT by 3.
Applies Bleed to your opponent (regular).

Armored Alicorn: 3536-armored-alicorn.png
Passively increases damage dealt by 10%, and reduces damage taken by 10% (this doesn't stack with other 10% buffs).
Has a 20% chance to reduce all damage taken by 80% for the round; this is only useful if you go first. (Hidden)
Has a 27% chance to heal the user for 400 (does not scale), and cleanse effects on them. (Hidden)


Comments 124

    • I got so lucky with that dodge at the end lol :P If my chill hadn't been wiped away with my hidden restore you'd have won that one

    • Lol it can be really buggy at times :P Fun fights though, I've got to get offline for a few hours now but I'll be back later if you're still up for some PvP, no worries if not <3

    • Seems like my blocks didn't work at all there lol. :x Weird

    • Took me a bit to figure something out ! Thank you! I hope for more great battles with you

    • Thanks for all the battles! You're pretty tough to beat!

    • haha, I FINALLY got the legend's armour to drop! I'm still trying to mess with what set works best other than just being a tank and... waiting out blizzard or something boring haha

    • Indeed there is~! I have yet to get to some speeds that I've seen from others ((Ive read up to 23! And I'm only at 15 right now!)) and still be able to do crazy damage... But still fun fun over all xD I'll have to see what else I can think up, as my "No one suspects lightning anymore~!" seemed to not be true verses you! D8

    • Amazing set of battles~! I wish I had more time for more, but it was a lot of fun wondering what small changes to make to try and counter the small changes you were making~ Hope to cross paths again with you soon on the battle field~!

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun drawing her, and finding backgrounds for all of my villagers! All of them match design and/or personality. :)

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