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We Are So Tired Writing Contest 2020: Toxicblue's entry

It was a day in the middle of April- Lush greenery, the scent of distinct flowers tickling your nose and birds singing their melodies out in the open. The sky, painted In various hues of intricate gold, orange and purple gave the place an exquisite feeling; a sense of both happiness and calm. This time of the year was the only time a person could truly enjoy being out in the open, for this was the time all seemed to come to life and thrive as one.

Clementine took a deep breath. She was out on a hilltop simply for the sake of enjoying some time to herself. It was not often she would come outside. This experience was quite enjoyable, even if many thought it was a simple and pointless thing to do; but Clementine could see the beauty in staying out here. How often did one go outside to see the simple splendor of everyday life?

Admittedly, Clementine herself did not go out much. Lately she was too busy cooped inside finishing the seemingly endless load of work that had to be done. Being out here let her loosen up and take some time to relax, to forget about her current problems even if it was for a little while. She let out her breath slowly. Her ears pricked, she could hear the natural sounds of all that was going around her. Birds, crickets, leaves, the wind. She was amazed at how often one could ignore what was around them for practically a lifetime- everyone did their own routine everyday, the same thing over and over for years on end. It was like their life was on complete autopilot; only doing what they knew they had to do, what they were told to do. Was everyone afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, to experience something new and unpredicted once in their life? Even though Clementine was only laying in a patch of field, it was good to leave modern civilization and have some time to appreciate what was in front of her instead of just taking it for granted.

She could stay here all day without doing anything else.

Clementine sighed. ‘’wishful thinking never did anyone any good..” she muttered absent-mindedly to herself. She put her paws behind her head and laid down on the soft pasture. Her tail swished gently over patch she was on. She let her mind wander, to take in only of what was happening now. As she closed her eyes, she was unaware of the nearby presence and took no notice as it came closer.

‘’what didn’t do anyone any good?” a soft voice murmured behind her.

Clementine opened her eyes and saw a friendly face peering down at her. She let out a small gasp and sat upright. ‘’Who are you?” she asked, partly annoyed that this Raptor disturbed her peace. The gem raptor looked at her apologetically and took a step backwards, head bowed. ‘’my sincere apologies miss, I did not mean to disturb you. You see, I was wondering why there was someone laying on the hilltop when rain is about to come.” he said in a warm, British voice. Everything about this mysterious visitor radiated a sense of friendliness and warmth, as though it was telling Clementine that he would pose no harm. The raptor extended an arm to help her up and she took it.

‘’rain..?” she asked. The raptor nodded, gesturing to the sky. ‘’i don’t suppose you plan on staying when the rain really starts to pour down?” he asked. Clementine looked at the sky, noticing for the first time how gray clouds dotted the sky. ‘’that’s odd.. I must have been too distracted to notice..” she muttered. The gem raptor smiled, in an almost whimsical way. ‘’i don’t blame you for staying out here. It's good to have an escape once in a while, no?” he asked.

Clementine tilted her head. ‘’of course.” she said. ‘’thank you for informing me about the rain, by the way.” the raptor nodded, smiling. ‘’pleasure’s all mine, miss..?”

“Clementine.” she said with a small smile.

“Clementine.” the raptor repeated. ‘’mild, merciful.” Clementine couldn’t help but feel a slight feeling of impressment with how polite and.. Silver-tongued he was. It wasn’t everyday she’d meet a fine gentleman like him.

The sky continued to darken and the first drops of rain fell onto the ground. The raptor took an umbrella out of his bag and opened it. ‘’take this, M’lady. You wouldn’t want to spoil that beautiful dress now would you?” he asked, a slight purr to his voice. Clementine thanked him, her cheeks burning. Was that meant as a compliment?

She decided to let it slide and put the umbrella over her head. ‘’i never caught your name, by the way.” she said. Her voice was hard to be heard with the hard patter of raindrops falling from the sky; the rain was worsening every minute. The raptor tilted his head and smiled. ‘’the name’s Emera.” he said, voice slightly raised. The rain was soaking his coat and entire body but he pretended as if nothing was happening. ‘’nice to meet you, Emera.” she said, smiling. ‘’oh but are you sure you don’t want this umbrella? You're getting quite soaked over there!” she exclaimed. Emera shook his head. ‘’and let you get wet instead?” he said. ‘’let me escort you back home” he asked.

Clementine nodded. ‘’yes you may. Besides, how else would you get your umbrella back?” she asked. Emera smiled. ‘’good point. Lead the way then.” he said. Clementine started to walk in he direction of her house, Emera by her side. The umbrella was not big enough for both of them to fit so he walked in the rain, not minding it one bit. Finally, when they were a block away from Clementine’s doorstep Emera broke the silence. ‘’why don’t you like the rain?” he asked. Clementine paused to take in his rather odd question. ‘’well.. I don’t know. It’s wet?” she said.

Emera nodded. ‘’yes, but there is so much more to rain than it just being wet..” he murmured. ‘’the smell, for one is quite pleasant. And rain is just water my dear. What harm does it do?” he asked. Clementine did not understand why he was asking that. ‘’yeah.. I guess. Rain is harmless..” she muttered.

Emera continued again. ‘’and weren’t you so intent on escaping from doing the same things over and over again?.. Why would rain stop you from having fun?” he said, a glint of mischievousness in his eyes. He extended a hand. ‘’come out and enjoy the April showers, don’t you?”

Clementine looked at him, delight slowly spreading through her. ‘’oh fine. But just because you asked so nicely.” she said. She took his hand and he pulled her towards him. She let out a laugh of surprise when he gently twirled her around. She could feel a sense of happiness like no other when she was in the rain, dancing with this stranger she had never met before. When they were dancing, it seemed like time had slowed down. She could be with him for an eternity and never stop.

After what seemed like forever Clementine panted, and rest her head against his shoulder. The raptor made no move to stop her and the two stood in silence for a long time, enjoying each other's company. The sound of rain could be heard and they were both soaked from head to toe.

At last, Clementine decided it was time for her to go home. She looked at him regretfully. ‘’Alas, it is time for me to go. Will I ever see you again?” she asked. The raptor nodded. ‘’for you, I'll always make time to see you, Always.” he murmured.