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Beach Party Writing Contest 2020: Moonbeau's entry

Cold Warmth
written by Moonbeau for the Beach Party writing contest 2020.
the prompt that is used is cold beverages and ice cream.

“Octavia, the dessert is not a threat.” Kyrie, a sun kitsune, did her best to warn the mayor of Oceandome that the Tropical Lemonade à la mode had no dangerous presence here. The cold beverage and ice cream fusion had unexpectedly started to glow after the two had a thorough summer treat-making session. Kyrie who hailed from Olde Foxbury took a dive to the underwater town as it was the next place she had listed in her agenda to flood the civilians with generous gourmets. Nothing can beat a treat that was made with love and care by none other than their mayor. Kyrie presented this project to Octavianhas stepped up.to the task but it wasn't an easy feat.

Selecting ingredients and having a specific item in mind is difficult for indecisive minds but the making process is as tough as tackling monsters in the battlegrounds. For Octavia this is just another beast for her to conquer but for Kyrie it is a challenge she seeks to overcome but doesn’t mind the fun of creation if it meant to bring smiles to the faces of others. In light of the Oceandome Festival, both native and tourists can enjoy such delectables. Their chosen nourishment is the classic Tropical Lemonade with an ice cream scoop left on top to make the ‘à la mode’ part of the dessert name. There plans to be a good variety to cater to the vast tastebuds of every person.

“Then why does it emit such light?!” The marine mayor has not shifted from her fighting stance and alertness still present in her tone. She is alarmed that the kitsune that came from the surface lands had no ounce of worry. It can be expected though, Kyrie seemed to glow herself to which Octavia can observe for when long enough there was a light shimmer that came from her fur. “Did you do something to the drink? I will not serve this to Oceandome civillians if it is to harm them…”

“I did no such thing! Seems like this is a product of our making.” Kyrie seemed to deduct. “We followed a recipe together given by my chef friend Lux. He is notorious in the skies of Quetzalcoatl Palace for his confectionary goodness. There’s one way to find out…” The kitsune brought out a spoon of her own, slowly approaching the tall glass in order to get an ample sample. The mayor felt so worried towards her honored guest as well. Would it harm her? A warrior such as herself should be the one to test it, as no threat or monster had ever laid hands or hurt a single inch of her before.

It was too late to intervene; the sweet nectar of fruits and cream entered Kyrie’s mouth, the spoon leaving her mouth clean and polished of its silver material. A blank expression morphed into something bright with a gentle smile on her face. The gentle glow of light across the multi-tailed fox’s fur seems to glow much brighter but not too much to blind the other’s pair of eyes. “It’s… it tastes so beautiful. I have had such a wondering feeling personified into a delightful flavor. Oh Octavia, you must try!” With much eagerness, Kyrie shoved an extra spoon into the aquatic villager and encouraged her forth towards the treat.

A harsh gulp can be heard from the mayor. Seeing that the Kitsune seemed fine in health and image, it’s safe to say that there is no harm in trying to seek out what the fuss is all about. Octavia filled her spoon with enough of the bright liquid and soft cream before bringing it pass her lips. An instant sour but sweet mixture of flavoring coats over her tongue. But that was not all that she seems to experience. A cold sensation transferred all over her body due to the temperature of the edible before a warmth seemed to fill her from the center of her body. She felt light headed as if she could float but she did not move from her spot despite being surrounded by the large body of water that was the ocean. This heavenly sentiment compels Octavia to smile, close her eyes to get herself lost into this blanket embrace.

“What is this phenomenon? I feel so comforted. Like, I’m safe.” Octavia’s voice grew soft in the first time in a long time, which is unusual as she was a strong warrior and confident leader. Kyrie smile grew, knowing well what this sort of event had unfolded. Lux explained to her thus before, so it was best to relay.

“You poured your feelings into the dessert making. When I tasted the treat, I can feel how much you love and care for the people of Oceandome. They are lucky you are their mayor. Without you, they wouldn’t be here where they are now.” Kyrie gently lay her paws upon Octavia’s shoulders, providing the words ever-so-carefully in the best way possible. It wasn’t a lie fabricated from her mind to lay comfort to the confused marine villager. It is the truth. “Surely when they try out the beverage ice cream drink, they will know and be thankful they live here.” A sweet bright smile like the sun was given by Kyrie before she pulled off and began rushing around the room. “There’s no time to waste! I’ll begin to package the drinks for shipment so they can try it by tonight!”

“Thank you… Kyrie. Really.” Still in a daze, Octavia tried more of the Tropical Lemonade à la mode. Who knew such a cold dessert can bring so much warmth to the soul? Polar opposites can surely become one.