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Event Feedback Channels in the Discord Server

Every village event, there will be a channel created in the Official Furvilla Chat, our Discord server, exclusively to give feedback on the current event. These channels will be made available from the beginning of their event to the close of the shop.

Here are the things to keep in mind when you wish to use these channels:

1- These channels are temporary so they will be removed from public view at the end of their respective event.

2- These channels will have slowmode on which means that you will not be able to write freely in it. You will be able to send a message every 15 minutes. You can edit messages you've already sent though so if you changed your mind concerning something, you can go back to your messages and change them.
Keep in mind that if your messages are very old, we might not be able to see the edit until the end of the event when we go back and write down every feedback we've gotten.

3-These channels are not for discussion, if you want to discuss the current event you can go to our #event_chat channel. These channels are made to be easier to read feedback we're getting just so they don't get buried under all the other messages in the server. We will delete every messages that don't have to do with feedback on the event itself/are just a discussion.

4-Please remember that we're looking for constructive criticism. Just saying "this event is too hard" doesn't help us to make it better! Tell us what you don't like and why because without that, we have no idea what to change. Write about specific points please!

5-While negative feedback can help us pinpoint what to change to make it better, we appreciate knowing what works too! Tell us what works too so we can keep it in mind when preparing future events!

Keep in mind that we do not reply to feedback given in the channels (unless they are giving wrong information/asking for things that are already there/etc) and that giving feedback doesn't mean that things will get changed during the current event.

The main point of these channels is to let us know what's working and what's not working so that we can make the next event even better!