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Spooky Waves Writing Contest 2021: Grechtinjuarez's entry

Prompt: ship crew
Two gulped as he looked down at the dark, murky water. “I can’t believe I let Oliver talk me in to joining him on another one of his ‘brilliant’ ideas,” he muttered to himself as he glanced over at Oliver, who was “steering” the boat. Two was pretty sure that the helm wasn’t actually connected to anything that could steer the boat, so he wasn’t too concerned by Oliver’s abysmal steering skills. He turned his gaze to the rest of the boat, he had to give Oliver some credit, after all, only Oliver could get a bathtub to float in a lake. Whether or not the boat would continue floating was up for debate.

Eventually, the boat washed ashore. “Do you have the treasure map?” Oliver asked, “Yeah,” said Two, holding up the kid’s menu Oliver had gotten from one of Oceandome’s many nautical-themed restaurants. Oliver took the map from Two and held it up, looking between the map and the landscape in front of them. “That way!” he exclaimed, pointing towards his left before turning to get something from the boat.

Two wasn’t sure why they couldn’t have just walked around the lake, but Oliver had insisted that you could only find pirate treasure if you traveled like a pirate. Two didn’t think pirates had bathtubs, but he agreed anyways. Oliver grabbed two shovels from inside the boat, handing one to Two. “Let’s go!” he exclaimed, running across the shore. Two jogged to keep up as Oliver ran in circles, completely ignoring the map.

“There it is! X marks the spot!” Oliver exclaimed, pointing at a patch of dirt with some sticks that formed an X. Two and Oliver quickly began digging, and before long they had dug a rather sizable hole. Oliver was starting to look a bit discouraged, “maybe we just didn’t dig deep enough?” “Probably,” said Two as he scooped another shovelful of dirt.

Oliver was starting to look really discouraged. “I’m an awful pirate!” Oliver wailed, throwing down his shovel and covering his face with his paws. Two frowned, “No, you’re a great pirate Oliver, the treasure has got to be here! Maybe its in the dirt we already dug up, you go look though the dirt on your side, and I’ll look through the dirt on my side.” Oliver sniffed and wiped his eyes, “Yeah, maybe you’re right Two,” he said as he turned around and started sifting through the dirt.

Two sighed in relief. Good thing he managed to distract Oliver. He reached into his bag and grabbed his wallet. He dug a shallow hole in front of him and quietly placed the change from his wallet in the hole. He looked back in his bag, he still had a few seashells from their trip to Oceandome, those could count as treasure, right? He put those in the hole too. He quickly covered the hole with dirt before turning around, “Maybe we should switch sides,” he offered. Oliver nodded, switching places with Two and beginning to dig. Then, he gasped, “TREASURE!” Oliver yelled! “Really?!” asked Two, turning to look at Oliver. “Yeah!” Oliver exclaimed, holding up the seashells and Two’s spare change. “Woah! That’s so cool! See, I knew you were a great pirate!” Two said with a smile.

Oliver smiled, so what if they didn’t find pirate treasure, having a friend like Two was better than all the gold in the world.