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Spring Festivities Writing Contest 2022: Saeran's entry

entry for arts & crafts!

“It’s beautiful…”
In their hands, Minstrel the mouse held an egg. It was beautifully hand (er, paw) painted by Maple the squirrel, Minstrel’s partner. A rainbow mosaic style pattern covered the shell, with a silhouette of the pair on the front. “I’m glad you like it,” Maple commented, nonchalantly placing their paws on the back of their head. “Inspiration just struck me, y’know? And with the spring festival coming up-“
“B-but what do I do with it!?” Minstrel exclaimed, looking to their partner with panic. “Do I cook it!? What if I break it? I don’t want to ruin your hard work… But what if I keep it and it goes rotten!?”
Maple took their paws of their head in favour of taking Minstrel’s hand. Truly, they didn’t think that far when painting the egg, but knowing Minstrel’s prone to overthinking, maybe they should have.
“I think…” They took the egg from Minstrel and tugged on their hand, taking them into the living room of the mayor’s cottage. Carefully, they placed and positioned the egg on the mantle of Minstrel’s fireplace, where they already had some mementos and trinkets displayed. With a nod, Maple returned to their partner, wrapping one arm around them and pulling them close.
“You keep it there. If it starts to smell, I give you my full permission to throw it out. I can always make another.”
Minstrel looked up at their partner with what felt like all the love in the world.
“I love it. And? I love you!”
At Minstrel’s height, they could only just barely reach Maple’s cheek to kiss them. But neither of them minded. Maple leaned into it with a chuckle.
“And if you get hungry, I also give you permission to eat it.”