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Spring Festivities Writing Contest 2022: katethemarten's entry

Theme: New Beginnings
Alix was once again out on her boat, the Rubber Duckie, enjoying the smells of Spring in the Oceandome breeze. The tang of salt mixed with the earthy aroma of Seaweed Vine pods and the spicy smell of the Cherry Lumber decorative railings she had just added to her vessel. She kept her sharp eyes trained on the water, hoping to see her little Sunrise Humpback Whale friend.

Every day this month, as soon as Alix reached the deep waters, the colorful cetacean had popped her head up with a little treasure and put on a show for the laughing (and sometimes drenched) gryphon. Sometimes it was a Conch shell or a bunch of delicious Pea Algae, other times Alix was astounded to see a pair of Golden Cufflinks balanced on the bumpy lavender snout. The gryphon had squawked in glee one time when a chest had risen from the depths, but it turned out to be a Lil Treasure Mimic that spent the whole ride back to shore blowing wet raspberries! However, for the last two days, there had been no sign of her finned friend.

Still, Alix had come to their meeting spot each day, even going so far as to bring some presents of her own to entice the little Humpback to the surface once more. On the first day she had brought a Unicorn Floatie, hoping the allure of a fun toy would be too much to resist. The next day she grilled up a delicious Cuttleburger, but it just ended up in the tummy of a passing Sharkitty long after it went cold. So today Alix had brought the most exciting thing she could think of: a Box of Light. The feathered fur dropped her shining treasure over the railing and leaned way over to watch its shine dim as the box sank into the depths.

When it got to the point where even her sharp predator eyes struggled to make out a glow, Alix heaved a sigh and rested her cheek on the smooth cherry wood. "It was fun while it lasted" she thought, and hoped her friend was safe and happy. Memories occupied her mind and unfocused her gaze as the gryphon reminisced. She didn't even notice the light in the water growing brighter and closer. It rose faster and faster until it breached the surface with a mighty splash, along with the joyful form of the little Sunrise Humpback!

"My friend, I am so glad to see you!" Alix shouted as she stroked the whale's back and scratched the itchy barnacles under its chin. All of a sudden, the Humpback swerved away from the boat and came back with something even more special than a Box of Light: a tiny lilac hued calf!

The gryphon squealed with glee at the adorable new baby and declared, "I can't wait to see you grow, cutie. You're the luckiest whale in the ocean to have the momma you do!"

It was the beginning of a lifelong friendship for "Auntie Alix" and the little Humpback family.