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In Your Element Writing Contest 2022: Saeran's entry

For the Pride Month prompt:

“Mayor Ana,”

Ana the wolf and one of the residents of Quetzal Palace acknowledged each other with a wave and a nod, each before entering their respective homes. The sunset sky was fading from deep orange to dark blue. Most of Quetzal Palace had returned to their homes hours ago, however, for the night patrol of Quetzal Palace's Guardian Angels, tonight was the start of another assuredly uneventful night guarding the city. This was a role Ana now no longer partook in with all her duties as mayor, but assuredly took the time to make the role easy and enjoyable for members of the guard.
Unlocking her door, Ana was greeted by her playful corgi pup Ares wagging its tail and jumping up to greet her, but only barely reaching her knees.

"Hey buddy,"

She said with a pat to the head and a smile. "How was your day?”
Most nights Ana would return home, change into some casual clothes, make herself dinner and settle on the couch with a meal, a TV show and a cuddly pup by her side. And tonight? Tonight was most nights. Just how she liked it. Her life as the mayor was much too eventful to crave an overly exciting home life.
Ana had taken off her helmet already and placed it on a display stand near her door, with her spear. Now, she was in her wardrobe, taking off the rest of her armour and selecting a pair of pyjamas. But before she could, Ana found herself admiring her body reflected to her in the mirror of her wardrobe. It was June Thirtieth. The very last day of pride month. For thirty days prior Quetzal Palace had been filled with just a little bit more love and rainbows then usual. For thirty days prior, Mayor Ana had been receiving just a little bit more compliments then usual. It was pretty much perfect.

“Just like you.”

Ana said to herself, looking at her body with a smile. Pretty much perfect.
She slipped into a silk night gown and headed to the kitchen. Maybe tomorrow Ana was going to start getting weird looks from strangers again. Maybe tomorrow people would start questioning and challenging Ana’s authority and capability to lead again. But right now, with woman’s best friend by her side and a recipe book in her hand, everything was fine. Ana felt good.

Ana felt proud.