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In Your Element Writing Contest 2022: alias's entry

A Warm Month

Sturm stood on the balcony, his tired eyes gazing out onto the horizon. There were some clouds, yet the sun managed to shine all the same. Always shining.
It was a warm month. June, as they called it on earth. Also known to be pride month.
He loved the idea of pride month- the parades, the happiness, the acceptance.
"Beautiful, isn't it?"
Sturm yelped in surprise before turning to face the voice. He laughed. "Don't scare me like that."
Kallik smiled. "My sincere apologies, O' Wise One." He bowed dramatically.
Sturm elbowed him in a playful manner. "We both know you're the brains and I'm the brawns, dad."
Kallik froze. "You've... never called me that before."
"What, the brains?"
"No." Kallik looked at Sturm. "Never called me dad."
Sturm's ears rose in shock and looked back at the horizon.
"I don't mind it." Kallik put his hand on his son's shoulder. "We're far beyond the point of my refusal to accept you as my own kin."
Sturm said nothing, continuing to look at the horizons even minutes later.
"Something's on your mind." Kallik never broke his gaze.
Sturm took a deep breath. "Yeah."
"You know-"
"I'm gay."
Kallik smiled. "I know."
"It's... rather obvious."
"For how long did you know?"
"Eh, I figured it out a few months ago."
"Before I did?!"
Kallik shrugged. "Did you seriously not realize how much you stare at men?"
Sturm looked flushed. "Ooooohhhhh."
Kallik laughed. "If you're worried about if I accept you, the answer should be clear. We fought together in a war, dare I mention it. I'm going to be by your side, no matter what."
Sturm began to cry. He hugged his father's chest. "Thank you, dad."
Kallik was a little off-guard by the sudden movement, but smiled and hugged his son. "Of course, my son."