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Winter Festivities Writing Contest 2024: CloudiiSunset's entry

The Winter Rain

Jadyn stepped out the door, unfolding the umbrella as rain splattered. He walked onto the sidewalk, heading down to Honeydew’s place. Their tail slightly raised, they tried sending a message, their fingers stiff from the cold air. Not paying attention, he stepped into a puddle, his socks immediately drenched like sponges. He groaned, quickly stepping out and trying to shake some water off.

Winter in this town meant rain. Most people didn’t know what snowfall was like. Jadyn didn’t like the rain. He hated feeling wet, and sometimes it made them itchy. He walked at a fast pace, soon seeing her house. His walk turned to a light run, his feet splashing in the small puddles.

He knocked on the door, closing the umbrella and shaking out the water. Honeydew opened the door, smiling brightly as she saw him. “Jadyn, hi!”

He was about to refuse the hug but it was too late. He could feel how warm her body was against the cold. She pulled him inside, her shirt slightly damp after hugging him. “My socks are wet.” They told her.

“You can take them off, I’ll get you a towel!” Honeydew skipped away, her tail flowing freely behind her.

He slipped off his shoes and socks, feeling relieved to feel free air on his feet. He carried them awkwardly, unsure of where to put them. They walked further in, noticing the sound of crackling fire.
“The rain is so wonderful, isn’t it?” Honeydew appeared with the towel, holding it out.
“For your feet.”

“It’s too cold.” He disagreed, taking the towel. She took his footwear for him, putting them by the fireplace. “Why couldn’t you walk to my place? You love walking in the rain.”
“I walk to you all the time! You need to come here more often! Besides, I have a working fireplace and hot cocoa.” Jadyn’s ears perked up. Honeydew giggled. “I knew you’d like that!”
As Honeydew strolled to the kitchen, Jadyn walked to the fireplace, sitting on the ground where a blanket lay. Honeydew soon followed, handing him a warm mug. Another was already sitting there. She carefully sat down, snuggling close to him.

They felt as if they had a realization. He could finally see the appeal of the rain. It was like soothing background noise for a cozy day inside.
Enjoying the warmth of the fire, he lay his head on hers, the crackling fire and the gentle rain bringing comfort to his soul.