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Winter Festivities Writing Contest 2024: Grechtinjuarez entry

Oliver stared at Two with a dumbfounded look, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.” “What?” Two questioned as he continued arranging the presents under the Christmas tree. “That can’t possibly be your Christmas tree,” Oliver said, gesturing to the picture of a Christmas tree that Two had taped to the wall. “Couldn’t you have at least printed it out bigger?” “I didn’t want to waste paper.” Two said matter-of-factly. Oliver sighed, muttering something about Two being a tree-hugging hippie under his breath. “Get your shoes, we’re getting you a REAL Christmas tree.”

Two and Oliver set off into one of Tigereye Peak’s many forests in search of the perfect tree. “What about this one?” Oliver suggested, pointing at a humongous evergreen tree. “No,” Two replied. “That is way too big, there is no way that thing’s fitting inside the house.” Oliver nodded in agreement, “You’ve got a point. We’d have to cut a hole in the roof, and something tells me that you wouldn’t be up for doing that.”

The two friends continued walking through the forest, looking at all the trees, but none of them were right. Suddenly, they saw it. The perfect tree. It was the perfect size, the perfect shape, and the perfect shade of green. No other tree in the forest could compare.

Two looked down at his feet sadly, “It feels like such a shame to cut it down. A tree like this should be enjoyed for generations.” Oliver nodded in agreement. “What if we dug up the tree and put it in a giant flower pot?” Two pondered, “Then we could use it every year?” Oliver shook his head, “That won’t work. The tree’s roots go way too deep, we would never be able to dig it up ourselves.” Then Oliver’s eyes suddenly lit up, “I’ve got it!” He exclaimed, “If we can’t bring the tree to the living room, then let’s bring the living room to the tree!” “What?!” Said Two. “Yeah, it’ll be perfect!” Oliver continued, “trees have roots, but furniture doesn’t! Come on, we’ve got a couch to move!” Before Two could say anything in protest, Oliver had already ran off towards the house. Two sighed and turned towards the tree. It WAS an awfully pretty tree, and it wasn’t too cold out either. Two supposed he wouldn’t mind moving the living room outside for a few days. “I better go help Oliver before he breaks something.” Muttered Two as he turned and ran towards the house.

Several hours later, they were done. The couch had been pushed through the forest and into the clearing, and the presents had been moved as well. Much to Oliver’s dismay, the fireplace turned out to be firmly attached to the wall. Two ended up building a campfire and assured Oliver that it was basically the same as a fireplace, so they could hang their stockings over the campfire and it would still count. In the meantime, Oliver borrowed extension cords from everyone in town.

“That has got to be the world’s biggest fire hazard.” Two commented as Oliver began plugging all the extension cords together. “It’ll be fine,” Oliver said. “Oh, by the way, you’re in charge of hanging up the lights. Everyone knows otters can’t climb trees.” “Fine.” Two grumbled. “But you’re in charge of calling the fire department when I get stuck up the tree.” Oliver laughed, “Deal.”