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Illnesses and Cures

Illnesses and Cures
Original by: BrittneyTTR

There are two types of illnesses villagers can contract on Furvilla: village and spooky.

Village-specific illnesses
Prior to May 6th, 2019, villagers could get sick with village-specific illnesses while performing their careers.  


 A diseased villager is less productive. There are two ways to cure an illness; a visit to the local doctor, or medicine.

You can visit the doctor and they will cure any illness your villager has, free of charge. After July 2017, visiting the doctor granted a villager immunity from getting ill.

Thanks doc!

However, you can only visit the doctor once a day.

Out of visits.

Medicine potency once indicated how long a villager could stay immune from falling sick again. This point is moot now that villagers can no longer get sick. 

You need some medicine.

There are lots of illnesses and each one is unique to a town here on Furvilla. There are two severity levels; minor and major. Minor illnesses will cut your villagers productivity in half. Major illnesses make it impossible for your villagers to continue working, and must be cured before they can continue on with their careers.

Dragonsmaw Manor Illnesses
Illness:Blood ObsessionFeralityLunar SicknessSun AllergyMonster Madness
Cure:Plasma DrinkSilver ConcoctionSun SalveLunar SalveSpider Eye Solution

Oceandome Illnesses
Illness:Coral MadnessGill RotNeptune's DiseaseSalt ExcessSeasickness
Cure:Salty SedativeGill LotionSeadollar SalveInfused WaterAnti-Nausea Salve

Olde Foxbury Illnesses
Illness:Dragon's RashHorseride BruisePlagueWarrior's PlagueRoyal Sickness
Cure:Cooling SalveSoothing LotionAnti-Plague PotionLeech BloodGold Medicine

Quetzal Palace Illnesses
Illness:Broken LimbCloud SicknessFeather RotMarble AllergyVertigo
Cure:Medicinal GauzeBottled RainstormFeathering LotionAllergy PasteHeight Sedation

Tigereye Peak Illnesses
Illness:FrostbiteFur OvergrowHypothermiaIce RotYeti Illness
Cure:Warming SalveFur Growth RelaxerMini Sun CapsuleSolar ConcoctionYeti Blood Infusion

Spooky illnesses
Spooky illnesses were introduced during Dragonmaw Manor's Harvest Festival in 2018. They do not affect worker productivity. Nevertheless, these illnesses can be cured with a Golden Apple, available from the recycler.

Villagers can get a spooky illness from spinning wheel during the festival, as well as from drinking a sludge potion.

The sludge potion has a:
  • 33% chance of infecting the villager with Vampirism
  • 33% chance of infecting the villager with Lycanthropy
  • 33% chance of infecting the villager with Zombipathy
  • 1% chance of infecting the villager with Glitterosclerosis
The sludge potion overwrites any spooky illness the villager has; the festival wheel does not. Glitterosclerosis is only available from the sludge potion.

The primary effect of a spooky illness is in combat. Warriors infected with a spooky illness have permanent status effects:
  • Vampirism: 40% chance to heal 300HP every turn; weakness to wooden weaponry
  • Lycanthropy: heals 160 HP every turn; +2 strength, +1 agility, -1 intelligence, +25 frost resist, -20 fire resist; weakness to silver weaponry
  • Zombipathy: +30 Endurance, -3 Strength, -3 Agility, -3 Speed, -3 Intelligence; weakness to Ranged Weapons.
  • Glitterosclerosis: dodge rate, mitigation, damage dealt & taken increased by 5%; +2 Agility, -1 Strength, +100 Fire Resistance, +100 Lightning Resistance, -100 Frost Resistance, -100 Dark Resistance
The secondary purpose of a spooky illlness is during the Harvest Festival. Inflicted explorers can unlock unique explore paths during the event.