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Flow of Resources Between Careers

This article needs to be updated after changes in gameplay regarding:
  • cooking
  • new items
  • weapon durability and scrapping

Careers Overview
The Flow Of Resources Between Careers

By: Pyreo

This guide will illustrate which careers rely on each other, to help when selecting the direction your next villager's life should take. Only one career, the basic Explorer profession, works completely independently of the others and simply provides materials for your other villagers to work with. This is the reason why it's generally recommended to begin with one Explorer as a starting villager.

This chart shows the direction of resources needed by each career:


The most vital source of material is the Explorer in the center, but some other careers require those materials to be processed by another worker before they can be used.

To break down the requirements and supply of each career more specifically:

1. Explorer

Explorers will supply five other careers.
They can dig up steel, which is used by Blacksmiths to repair weapons or armor. They can also get hold of three types of rarer raw material that go into the base creation of weapons and armor.
They will find slabs of wood, unique to your village. A Construction Worker uses these for building and repairs.
There are five varieties of seeds your Explorer can pick up. These can be grown by a Herbalist.
There are three special types of item that a Crafter will need for devising an item.
There are three special types of item used by a Tailor to make one of three costumes.

2. Warrior

A Warrior can only battle effectively if they have the right equipment, otherwise, they may struggle. They need the armor and weapons provided by a Blacksmith. After a fight a Warrior may pick up the same shards of steel that an Explorer can find, allowing the Blacksmith to repair any damaged equipment.
Warriors can loot the same locally specific wooden slabs that an Explorer can, used by a Construction Worker.
Warriors also take valuable trinkets from fallen foes, used in large amounts by a Tailor to create a costume.
The rarest loot of all, Warriors can find a village-unique token needed in large quantities by Crafters.

3. Construction Worker

Construction is an absolutely vital role when it comes to expansion. When you find that the default number of slots just isn't enough any more, you'll need a Construction villager unless you want to buy the expansions yourself.
To construct anything, a worker uses wood, obtained mostly from an Explorer, but also from Warriors.
They can create herbalist pots which allow a Herbalist the space to plant an extra seed.
They can build animal stables, giving you more space for villagers pursuing Animal Husbandry to keep their animals.
Construction Workers also support all your villagers by making and repairing your houses.

4. Animal Husbandry

This career, essentially, works separately from most of the others. Animal hunting is a solitary job.
The only reliance this career has is on the Construction Worker, as they're needed to build stables if more animals need to be housed.

5. Crafter

A Crafter's only duty is providing unique creations to a Tailor for the eventual development of a costume.
Crafters get their materials from both Explorers and Warriors.

6. Herbalist

A supply of seeds is essential to the work of a Herbalist, provided by an Explorer.
In order to grow more plants at once, a Herbalist needs some pots built by a Construction Worker.
Once the seeds are grown and successfully harvested, the plants are what a Doctor requires to make their cures for diseases.
Alternatively, an Alchemist will use those plants to brew potions with varying effects.

7. Tailor

As an endpoint profession, a Tailor is an expert who uses both raw and refined materials for the final level of crafting. The finds of the Explorer, the loot from the Warrior and the inventions of the Crafter are what a Tailor needs to fashion a wearable costume.

8. Blacksmith

There's a small focus to a Blacksmith.
They mostly use the resources provided by an Explorer to make their battle equipment.
This equipment is vital to Warriors, giving them an array of weapons to attack with and shields for their defense.
Both Warriors and Explorers can locate steel which a Blacksmith uses for universal repairs.

9. Doctor

Another endpoint profession with a simple calling, Doctors need one thing - medicinal plants. Grown by the tender hand of a Herbalist, these cures may ensure that all your villagers are fit and able to work.

10. Alchemist

The final endpoint profession, and similar to the Doctor, Alchemists also require nurtured plants from the Herbalist and uses them to brew up a concoction with various properties.