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BBCode Guide

Furvilla's Comprehensive BBCode Guide!

By: BearHeart

An easy to read and navigate Guide for all the BBCode that can be used on Furvilla!
BBCode is written with [ ] 's at the beginning and end of sentences.

This is bold!
[b]This is bold![/b]

This is italicized!
[i]This is italicized![/i]

This is underlined!
[u]This is underlined![/u]

This is strikethrough!
[s]This is strikethrough![/s]

You can
the size
[size=1]The numbers range from 1 to 7.[/size]

You can even use colours!
[color=#FF0000]You use their hex codes to make the change, try looking up some![/color]

Need to
Align some


[center]Put content here![/center]
[right]Here too![/right]

Here's a quote.

Here's me quoting myself!

[quote]Text goes here.[/quote]
[quote=@BearHeart]Text goes here.[/quote]

You can link sites like this www.furvilla.com/profile/662 ...
... or like this!
[url=www.furvilla.com]Text goes here![/url]

You can also post images!
They can be resized however you like.

Images can also be clickable links, like this!

Wanna make some floating text?
Here's how!

[floatright]Content in here.[/floatright]
[floatleft]More content![/floatleft] [floatclear]

Try hovering over this: I'm hiding text!
[spoiler]Text goes here.[/spoiler]

You can add Youtube videos to your posts!

You need to use this part of the url, RuV3YMEhAB8, which is after the v=! youtube.com/watch?v=RuV3YMEhAB8

Do you wanna make a list?

  • Black Bears
  • Brown Bears
  • Grizzly Bears

[list] [*]Brown Bears [*]Grizzly Bears [/list]

A list that's numbered!

  1. Black Bears
  2. Brown Bears
  3. Grizzly Bears

[list=1][*]Black Bears[*]Brown Bears[*]Grizzly Bears[/list]

You can also put a after the list= to get an alphabetical list.

Here's a table.
Cute BearsScary Bears
Funny BearsAll Bears!

You use [tr][/tr] to denote a new row in your table. [td][/td] Helps with columns!
[table][tr][td]Cute Bears[/td][td]Scary Bears[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Funny Bears[/td][td]All Bears![/td][/tr][/table]

In order to make code not appear in code (like in this guide), or type in monospaced text, use this code!
[code]Monospaced Text![/ code]
** Because the /code was used twice in a row and therefore ~breaks~ the code, a space was used between the / and code to fix it.

So have fun building whatever you like with this code!