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Olde Foxbury

This article needs to be updated after changes in gameplay regarding:
  • new shop stock
  • morphing potions

Olde Foxbury
By: Thornes


Olde Foxbury is a medieval themed village. Villagers all over the world of Furvilla have moved to Olde Foxbury to live a simpler life. There is no electricity in Olde Foxbury, at night everything is lit by candles and fireplaces.



Olde Foxbury's Mayor is a mouse named Minstrel. Olde Foxbury's Mayor is notable as the only mayor who is nonbinary. Xe focuses on other xir citizens and makes sure everyone's needs are met.


TLgg0He.png Ye Olde Makeables TLgg0He.png


Ye Olde Makeables is owned by Tivex. The shop is lit by dozens of candles, giving it a warm glow. Tivex is a very relaxed shopkeeper and tends to welcome his villagers into his shop as if they were friends.

Ye Olde Makeables sells three types of blueprints and a sewing set to Olde Foxbury villagers. These items can be used by a Crafter.

171-royal-crown-blueprint.png 165-steampunk-watch-blueprint.png 157-chainmail-blueprint.png 159-medieval-sewing-set.png

ZlCafNP.png Medieval Armory ZlCafNP.png


Medieval Armory is owned by a toucan gryphon named Lemon. Brightly colored heraldic banners and shiny, exotic weapons dangle from the ceiling in a fancy, organized-disorganization sort of way. Before Lemon introduces herself to her customers, she checks out every little shiny thing they carry with them.

Medieval Armory sells five types of schemas, 3 types of reagents and a sword and shield to Olde Foxbury villagers. These items can be used by a Blacksmith and a Warrior.

190-bone-helmet-schema.png 181-elaborate-sword-schema.png 177-steel-shield-schema.png 179-steel-sword-schema.png 175-wooden-shield-schema.png
187-arm-straps.png 192-helm-base.png 185-anvil.png 668-wooden-sword.png 669-grungy-wooden-shield.png

ltX5rIy.png Herbalism Shop ltX5rIy.png


The Herbalism Shop is owned by a small-statured dragon named Cypherin. He is always pretty irritated when a new costumer walks in on him being busy and welcomes a costumer by asking them if they don't know better than to interupt someone while they are busy. You can count on him for medical items, though.

The Herbalism Shop sells five types of recipes and containers to Olde Foxbury villagers. The recipes can be used by doctors and the containers by doctors and alchemists. Cypherin also offers one free doctor's appointment per day!

38-anti-plague-potion-recipe.png 30-cooling-salve-recipe.png 34-gold-medicine-recipe.png 36-leech-blood-recipe.png 32-soothing-lotion-recipe.png 481-sword-container.png

Ma66or2.png The Apothecary Ma66or2.png


The Apothecary is owned by a hybrid named Aizui Athari, but locals call her Aiz. She is a huge forest freek and loves plants, especially the exotic ones. You can always find her in her shop crafting legendary potions or in her garden taking care of her plants.

The Apothecary sells seven types of morphing potions to Olde Foxbury villagers. These items can be used by an Alchemist. Aiz is also available to assist in stabilising a morphing potion for 5000 FC. This will allow you to select a specific color to morph your villager into, instead of it being totally random.

580-fox-morphing-potion-recipe.png 696-gecko-morphing-potion-recipe.png 585-house-durability-potion-recipe.png 590-item-durability-potion-recipe.png713-moth-morphing-potion-recipe.png
703-red-panda-morphing-potion-recipe.png 704-rodent-morphing-potion-recipe.png 711-saggitari-morphing-potion-recipe.png 707-velociraptor-morphing-potion-recipe.

qJ3zyc8.png Knight's Costumes qJ3zyc8.png


Knight's Costumes is owned by a weredog named Ramiel. He gets quite annoyed when a costumer visits his shop without the intention of actually buying something and tells his customers quite often that this is Knight's Costumes not a museum!

Knight's Costumes sells three types of pattern books and fabric to Olde Foxbury villagers. These items can be used by a Tailor.

170-royal-pattern-book.png 164-steampunk-pattern-book.png 156-warrior-pattern-book.png 160-medieval-fabric.png

CMNudvr.png Steeds and More CMNudvr.png


Steeds and More is owned by a Dutch Angel Dragon named North. Customers can go and ask him anything about animals, as he seems pretty friendly. He even offers to give you some advice on what kind of pet would suit your lifestyle best.

Steeds and More sells two types of animals. These items can be used by an Animal Husbandrist.

396-white-uni.png 372-bronze-fairy.png

Special Species
Much like every other village on Furvilla, Olde Foxbury has it's special species. This is the Saggitari, The saggitari comes in three color variations.

khtOqMn.png zBkwMh1.png aERrCC1.png
Giraffe | Okapi | Quagge

Olde Foxbury has three different costumes, which can be crafted by a tailor. To craft Olde Foxbury's costumes you will need their pattern books, these can be bought from Olde Foxbury's tailor shop 'knight's costumes'.

67-royal-costume.png 66-steampunk-costume.png 65-warrior-costume.png
Royal | Steampunk | Warrior