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Wardrobe Guide

By: MOD-Poltergeist, MOD-Saryumane, and Admin-Mateusz!

The wardrobe is a feature in the game for your villagers to be able to use multiple painties! If you select a villager's profile, a link to the wardrobe will be in the upper right hand corner. From this menu, (after clicking that button) if you have uploaded and had multiple painties approved on a villager and purchased wardrobe slots for them, you should be able to select which one you want to be currently active on the villagers. A visual guide is below on how to achieve this!


Why would you want multiple painties? Maybe you want to make costumes for your villager to match each job they do, or commission various different paintie artists to make a paintie of them? Maybe your character has seasonal coat colors or you want them to dress up for specific holidays? There are many reasons why you may want them and we wanted to let people have the ability to be as creative as they wanted with each villager they have!