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Contacting the Paintie Team

Open communication between the Paintie Team and the Users is very important to us. We are here to help you in the process of making, submitting, and receiving your Painties and will work with you as much as possible to help guide alterations needed for your Paintie to follow the rules. To make this process go as quickly and smoothly as possible please be sure to follow the instructions below.

To start off, please be sure to have a clear subject line for your Contact Us form or Email, it helps to more quickly sort out what is what. Below is a list of the most common types of Emails we receive and are examples of subject lines we’d love to see you all using.

-Paintie Rejection Inquiry
-Existing Paintie Fix
-Wiped Paintie Replacement or Refund
-Paintie Base/Sketch Check
-Other Paintie Issue

Email/Contact Us Form:

Username & Number:
Villager ID Number:
Rejection Notice Received or Reason for Wipe: (if applicable)

Requiring some of this information may seem redundant but we want to make sure no one accidentally falls through the cracks and that we have all needed information available to get you a response as quickly as possible.

*If you have sent in a form or email and not gotten a response after a week, please resend and PM MOD-Thaleia to check and make sure that your email has actually gotten to our inbox. Unfortunately we experience a glitch here and there with lost emails and lost responses.*