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Fur Idol Rules

Fur Idol
Draw or create a piece of art of your villager, vote for the entries you think are the most stunning, and behold the winners! Fur Idol starts new rounds on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Themed Fur Idol rounds may be hosted through the forums by the Staff.

Breaking any of the Fur Idol rules will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in a ban from Fur Idol. The time of the ban depends on the severity of the rule being broken. All Site Rules apply to Fur Idol entries as well, these are additional rules for Fur Idol.
Please note entries must be a PNG file that is 1280px or less in both width and height.

Keep in mind that there is a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism!
If you are caught submitting intentionally plagiarized work to Fur Idol you will be permanently banned from participating in any future Fur Idol rounds. In addition, you will be banned from Official Contests as well since they are heavily art based and we do not want people entering plagiarized art.

1) Artists may only enter art that they themselves have drawn or created from scratch.
This covers traditional and digital art.

2) Artists may not enter art that they themselves have not drawn or created from scratch.
This includes but is not limited to;
  • Art created on a Furvilla base, using Furvilla base parts, or is otherwise using Furvilla site art
  • Art that is already uploaded and being used as a Paintie
  • Art that has been traced or edited from another image, including public domain images
  • Art that is traced or referenced from popular media (ie. meme images)
  • Photographs or photo-manipulations, photographs of traditional art entries are exempt from this rule
  • Art that uses textures that were not created by yourself or already provided by the art software used
  • Clipart or other pictures gotten from the internet
  • Art that is created on a "Pay-to-use" or "Free-to-use" base
  • Art that is commissioned

3) Entrants may not pay for votes.
You may not bribe others for votes (ie. offering any free items or currency for votes, offering any type of compensation for votes).

4) Entrants may not re-enter art pieces.
Art pieces that have already been submitted to Fur Idol before may not be submitted again, regardless if it won the contest or not. Art pieces submitted to a previous or current on going Art Contest and art pieces used as Painties may not be entered either. Fur Idol entries that will be re-purposed for Painties may be uploaded as Painties afterwards.

5) Threads advertising your current entries are not allowed.
Threads discussing the current round of Fur Idol is allowed, but don’t make any threads with the intention of only advertising your entries. The thread must have discussion value.

6) Signatures advertising your Fur Idol entries are allowed.
Advertising your Fur Idol entries through your signature is allowed lest you do not ask for votes.

7) Efforts to cheat the system will not be tolerated.
This includes but is not limited to;
  • Entering villagers in species categories that do not match the villagers’ species
  • Entering the same art piece multiple times in the same round
  • Entering the same art piece in different rounds
  • Entering the same art piece that is only slightly modified

8) Entries must match the villager’s current looks and species.
The villager in the art piece must be the same as the villager it’s submitted for.
  • Body color and patterns must be the same as the villager’s
  • The villager’s species must be the same as the species category it’s entered in

  • Added clothes and accessories as long as the art is still recognizable as being the villager it’s submitted for
  • Art pieces that are only an outline
  • Black and white art pieces

9) Fur Idol is a PG-13 contest.
Fur Idol does not allow for visual representation of the following;
  • Excessive amounts of realistic gore or innards
  • Depictions of self-harm or harm to others
  • Depictions of suicide
  • Excessive amounts of blood or any sort of bodily fluids
  • Depictions of implied or explicit sexual content
  • The use of items, clothes, gear, or acts related to fetishes
  • Depictions of substance use (ie. alcohol and smoking)
  • Anything else that would require the Gore or Substance tag on a paintie
  • Anything else the staff may deem inappropriate

10) Make sure your entries are reasonably sized.
Everyone would like to see what you submitted, if an image is too tiny to really see what’s going on it will be removed. The image may be resubmitted once it’s been resized.

For more information or questions contact MOD-Thaleia