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Magic Heart Gems


To use these items please send the appropriate gem to MOD-Thaleia in a TRADE along with the link to your Paintie submission. Once your Paintie is accepted you will receive a non-magical gem keepsake in return.

Below you will find a list of the various types of Magic Heart Gems and their uses so please read carefully!

Magic Diamond Heart Gem

An evolutionary gem stone...A Gembound can absorb the magic from this special gem and gain the power to assume a new form of their choosing.

What this means is that this gem carries the power of a Galactic Shifty Potion, Primordial Shifty Potion, and Magic Elite Heart Gem and functions in the same way those items do. This will allow for Gembound Painties that are heavily edited, off-base, and humanoid to be submitted to Gembound villagers (the chibi Gembound base is allowed for any of these options as well).

Example: This gem essentially allows anything that doesn't break site rules, except for splices of multiple different event color bases, and splices of multiple different costume bases.

Magic Primal Heart Gem

Combine this magical gem with a Primordial Shifty potion and marvel at what happens!

What this means is that you will need to use a Magic Primal Heart Gem to make use of a rare species base (excluding Gembounds) for your humanoid Painties.

Example: If you were to place a humanoid face on a rare species base like the Wickerbeast, that would require a Magic Primal Heart Gem. You would not need a Magic Primal Heart Gem to place a human face on a common species base like the Canine, however.

Magic Elite Heart Gem

The magic contained in this gem can be used to enhance some very special villagers.

What this means is that you can combine this gem with a Limited base to allow for heavier editing/deviation from the base.

Example: If you were to heavily splice a Noble Bear to the Bovine base, to the point where it no longer matched the Noble Bear base very well anymore, you would need a Magic Elite Heart Gem.

Please remember that you must have the limited base you’ve used applied to your villager when you submit your Paintie and send your Gem. Using the above example, the Noble Bear color would need to be the one applied to your villager at submission.

If you wish to see a more elaborate explanation, please refer to the following Guide.
Note: Depending on your Paintie, you may need to combine Magic Heart Gems, please PM MOD-Thaleia if you have any questions about your Magic Heart Gem needs.