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Dress Up Time Part 8!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 6 May 2021, 4:15 pm


It's a dress up double feature...Looks like 2 new friends have come to town, everybody say hello to the Feral Horse and the Feast Fox, be sure to make these new Villagers feel welcome!

474-5.png 494-2.png

Feral Horse is now available through the use of the Feral Costume on your lovely Horse villagers!

Feast Fox is now available through the use of the Feast Costume on your lovely Fox villagers!

Have Decorific Day!

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    • Oh it's a Pegasus and a pizzafox!!

    • why does the horse have wings

    • Fox
      Just fox
      That’s all I got to say

    • Yess the fox ^^ love the foxo !

    • O,O the Feral Horse is a MUST HAVE for my stables!!! ^=^