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User ID: #102088
Username: Maitotoxin
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 15 May 2022, 9:29 am
Registered: 28 Jul 2017, 9:16 am

Profile description

-I am seven (7) hours ahead of Furvilla time-
My art shop in case you are interested :)
Any pronouns ^-^

Hello, welcome to my profile :)
I'm bi, autistic and a bit of a dumbass. My interests are a bit all over the place haha.
I love to draw and consume all kinds of media. Books, mangas, comics, shows, movies, cartoons, video games, etc.
Currently my top three interests are:
- JoJo
- Avatar the last airbender
- Detroit: become human
I'm also obsessed with furbies ^-^

Deviantart I Toyhouse I Instagram

Please mods don't kill me, my friend Kortzau used my wifi to make a profile

Notes to myself as I have quite a bad memory
(No pressure, just so I can keep track)
- none right now :)

Link to background credit
Page CSS by Reav (#71592) and can be found in this thread
The bouncing villager icon was made by noll (#12373) and is found in this thread

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    • Ah okay thanks ^^

    • Sorry was the transfer I just accepted art of a headshot I already gave you?? If not please let me know the character you wanted drawn (I have terrible memory) ///

    • Your icon ^^

    • Just something that came to my mind, not really has a species per-say, most of my adopts don't. So a mythical tag or something would probably be fine for them

    • My toyhouse is zenzach, you can credit me as such there :)

    • The two main actors (the two in my sig) are both singers as well I believe? So that may also be part of the reason you feel like you’ve seen them before!
      One (Wang Yibo)was part of the band Uniq, and the other (Sean Xiao) has also released a song of his own!

    • It’s from the show The Untamed! It was originally a novel, that got adapted into a show, that got adapted into an anime, that got adapted into a manga. Lol. The manga, anime, and show are all really good, though I sadly haven’t had the chance to read the novel yet!

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