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User ID: #105376
Username: razzamatazz
Last Online: 19 Oct 2021, 11:09 pm
Registered: 29 Sep 2017, 8:13 pm

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code is by alxq
logo images, description decorations, and my avatar are by Foollovers

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    • omg how did you get your profile so cute!?! and ur pet profile like that ahh

    • Thank you for the house gift!!! <3

    • Just wanted to thank you for bringing my attention to the Dreamselfy website. It disappeared a few months ago and I thought it was closed forever. :D

    • Thanks for the jack-o-lantern!

    • thank you!! :)

    • no no it's okay! it's a minor annoyance at worst! you're fine!

    • Thank you so much! C'': and holy smokes your icon is hella cute?? ♡

    • Happy too!
      Have a wonderful Great Harvest~!

    • thank you for the jack-o-lanterns!

    • I CAN'T FIT ANYMORE JACK-O-LANTERNS ON YOUR DOORSTEP (is 50 the limit? im still a little lost in this event LOL) BUT LIKE..... THANK YOU <3

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