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User ID: #105493
Username: PapayaCat
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Dec 2017, 1:22 pm
Registered: 2 Oct 2017, 3:50 pm
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I am a female furry of nineteen years who enjoys to get new friends, play Cards against Furries and Roleplay. I love owls and collects them. My fursona is a non-specified feline named Papaya which is finally a fursona I will settle with after all these years and over thousands of fursonas and designs. I have pretty severe anxiety and is pretty shy. I love to try to give my characters different personalities. I also have a secondary sona/rp-character named Creamelle Lautermilch which is a cow, since I often was called "Fat, ugly cow" in high school so I made her as a way to cope with the bullying. I am a scattterbrain and a clutz, I swer I would forget my head and fall over it while trying to pick it up if it wasn't attached.

Wait, I am only 23 and has been a furry for nineteen years?

Well yes, I was a weird child back in the day. I was five and I saw Disney's Robin Hood for the millionth time and suddenly I felt something, like I was ment to be a talking fox. I discovered furries when I was in high school and that explained all, I started to make fursonas back when I was 5 which was basically Robin Hood Oc's but I still count them as fursonas since I always said that I was gonna BE the characters irl. I suppose that I am otherkin as well, which explains why I basically are like a domestic cat at times. I guess ask in a pm if you guys wonder something about me.

I am engadged to MelonFolf she is my sweet melon <3

I love birds and my dream is to have a owl (which is against the rules where I live) or pet birds as parakeets, parrots or even chickens, peacocks or doves/pidgeons.

I really really love birds of all kinds but owls are closest to my heart.


Paintie tickets
Morphing potions that isn't in my gallery.
A hell of a lotta wood.
A villager of every kind (That is why I need potions and wood to make houses)
Magic Plushies (Especially Feathered Big Cat)

https://www.weasyl.com/characters/papayacat <-- My fursonas (I have a fourth one that is a WIP, which I am working on)

Villagers 10

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    • thank you!

    • I love your username omg <3

    • Thank you so much for all those lanterns!!

    • Thank you for the lantern~

    • Thank you so much for the candy! n_n

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