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User ID: #111462
Username: MOD-Shroomy
Rank: Senior Moderator
Gender: badger
Last Online: 2 Aug 2021, 8:32 pm
Registered: 20 Feb 2018, 7:27 pm

Profile description

Want to get spook? Grab a monstery paintie base!
Happy Halloween!
❤ Love, Shroomy ❤
LD2SmcR.png uOnhPWD.png ZdcMsHb.png
To use the weresquirrel base you will need a beast costume, the vampire bat will need a reaper costume, and the zombie dog will need a spooky costume. Have fun and don't eat too many candies! :>

❤ Any pronouns are fine. I truly don't mind. It's amusing to discover what pronouns people use for me. ❤

Don't forget to abide by the site rules at all times.
If you'd like to know more about playing the game, check out the knowledge base.
If you have questions about painties e-mail: [email protected]
If you find a tasty bug e-mail: [email protected]
If you have a question about infractions, ToS violations, or staff members: [email protected]

I can't accept items or friend requests, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the thought behind the gift or the desire to be friendly! If you want to do something for me, just leave me a nice message on my profile! It would make my day. :>

Badger button by MZZA

❤ If you'd like to talk to someone about the site or just need a friendly ear, feel free to message me! ❤
Artwork by MOD-Shroomy

"We are all mycelium in the end."

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    • Thank you for adding the bases! :D

    • I made you something.
      "My nose looks fuzzy."

    • Nevermind i found out what was wrong

    • My HP potion thingy will not work It says that I can't because I don't have all of the materials that I need but I do. Is this a bug or just me because it wasn't a problem. Are you able to fix this??

    • I shall give you the gift of a nice big bowl of jello... for there's always Shroomy for jello! hehehe erf! *dodges thrown objects* :P

    • Aaand now I will visit my page as well if I need a laugh xD thank you for blessing me with that

    • Shroomy is amazing, but ngl visiting your page everyday and reading "Snaaaake its a snaaaake" makes my day

    • Shoomy the badger makes my day <3 Just a little badg with a little mush, it is so pure.

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