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Username: fluffing_hecc
Registered: 28 May 2018, 1:19 pm

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welcome to Rocktalon Town
population: 8?

(owners' bio:)
orochi/serpentine ~ they/them ~ OSDD-1B system

[profile to be revamped soon]

Villagers 11

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    • It is spooky month my dude tumblr_inline_nxtbo5kEAt1szcnov_500.gif

    • Me waiting for you to come bAck

    • shshsh you died on me again, my dude

    • Hey! Don't forget to accept the villager transfer and the free FC ^^ Just a friendly reminder!

    • I can't remember if I responded or not to your comment ouo" , but yeah- I can teach you! Also, thanks so much!

    • “Start your engines! It’s FRUIT LEATHER TIME!”

      LOL but thank you so much!! :D

    • Oh, you mean the SR pets? Those shouldn't be too hard to get then. If you planned ahead for roughly 400 points (which should give you more than enough for the SR threshold), that's about 67 salads. To cook 67 Herbalist salads, you would need 1005 each of Mandrake, Flying Larkspur, Iceberries, Chomper Plant, and Pea Algae. I think that means you would need to plant roughly 223 of each of those seeds to make enough plants to make the salads (and would likely have some left over). I think this would be the cheapest way to go, since you'd only have to buy platters from the cozy cookery and not any other ingredients.

      If you mean that you want the Magical Sweeticorn, it might be cheaper to just buy it in the stalls, although the threshold for top 20 has been amazingly low lately. (Currently 20th place only has 842 points!)

      I'm sorry for being so wordy, but I hope this can help somehow. ^^

    • Oh, also the Feast is intended to be a "sink" for extra FC/FD/items on the site, so it is supposed to be a bit expensive to do. But yeah, planning is key!

    • Hi!

      -Food expires in 2 weeks - cook a lot in advance.
      -Save up ingredients from exploring/warrioring needed to cook - you blow through them FAST.
      -Don't underestimate salads - they are the cheapest thing to make. Travel from town to town as often as you can and save up salad seeds.
      -Buy from other players as you are able.
      -Cook a LOT. Make as many cooks as you are able.

      With a limited budget and less than 10 villagers, it might be tough to get into top 10 without a lot of planning ahead, but it certainly can be done!

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