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User ID: #116261
Username: Ceruleanfire
Gender: Female
Registered: 8 Jun 2018, 5:16 pm

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【 she/her | INFP-T | Pisces 】

|| Toyhou.se || FlightRising ||
F2U CSS by alxq edits made by myself

Hello, I'm Ceruleanfire, but you can just call me Ceru. Im the resident dragon enthusiast and fanatic. I'm really not active here at all, besides checking in now and then. If you need to find me, contact me via Flightrising.

Most, if not all items in my gallery, toybox, etc I'm selling for FR currency. Don't be afraid to shoot me a PM if you're interested. Again, FR is the quickest way to contact me.
None of my villagers are for sale.

Villagers 30

Comments 78

    • sToP hAVinG bEtTeR eVeRYThInG tHan mE

    • *crashes through door* i heard you like Wings of Fire.

    • Thanks for the Gem Raptor Potion! Love your CSS btw! <3

    • !!! :O
      thanks so much omg

    • Another Wakfu fan? I thought I was, like, the only one!

    • your css is so cute !! :0

    • Thank you so much for the wishes!

    • latest?cb=20170106001934

      i love scarlet so this meme makes me upber happy

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