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User ID: #129756
Username: Seirika_Kitsune_
Gender: Aerothian Demon
Last Online: 19 Apr 2021, 1:51 pm
Registered: 3 Apr 2019, 3:23 pm

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My Give a Huggle because no one asked UwU:


My best friend back :)

Art of Corrin Miso, Apex, Blair or Phantomonius
6834 2992-mischievous-fh-plushie.png 4435-magic-aquamarine-gem-raptor-sticker 2385-magic-skull-wickerbeast-sticker.png 4529-magic-diamond-gem-raptor-sticker.pn 4789-magic-moonstone-gem-raptor-sticker. 4028-morning-frost-vista.png 4030-grasslands-sunset-vista.png 4027-misty-woods-vista.png 1583-paintie-three-pack.png 1584-paintie-five-pack.png 4842-galactic-shifty-sticker-pack.png 6185-magic-libra-sticker.png 5732-magic-flora-dutch-angel-dragon-stic 3128-magic-gala-prince-dutch-angel-drago 1585-paintie-ten-pack.png 5221-magic-primordial-shifty-plush.png 5219-magic-galactic-shifty-plush.png 3353-galactic-shifty-morphing-potion.png 3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p 5137-graffiti-costume.png 5934-aurora-nova-foxlien.png 3765-aurora-imp.png 3097-black-hole-kitsoul.png 1823-decorated-bunicake.png 1729-butchers-block-bundle.png

"SUP NERDS. Jk lol." Hiya, uhhh, My name's Terrin, and I have a list of things I like below so I'm not going over it lol. I'm an artist and explorer, ( and thinking of taking up photography UvU ) I really like drawing aesthetic characters, and characters based off of legends, myths stuff like that ( mainly coz I have a storyline goin for one of my characters, and I might write it and post it on wattpad ) (might add more bio soon)

Things I like:
MOTHMAN ( idk why, but I have this weird, and I mean WEIRD obsession with Mothman )
Adventure Time
Anything Demonic, unsettling, or creepy because I am mentally insane :)
Devilman Crybaby
Trevor Henderson cryptids
OWLBOY that game is hella wholesome but aggravating at the same time
POKEMON ( my fav be Morgrem and Grimmsnarl UvU )
RP (shoot me a message if you want to, I mainly RP with Corrin tho, and when I get Valentine done I could use her too)
Hazbin Hotel/ Helluva Boss and literally anything Vivziepop x3
Gravity Falls
Invader Zim
Steven Universe
Watership Down
Warrior Cats (To an extent)
School For Good and Evil
My Hero Academia (I’m a huge Sako fangirl lmao)

My fears because no one asked: Thalassaphobia, Submechanaphobia, basically anything that has to do with the water.

I'm sorry I had to put this in XD


3454-non-binary-pride-button.png 4812-any-pronoun-button.png 3505-traditional-artist-button.png 3506-digital-artist-button.png

Character theme songs:


Miso: (still deciding on this one)



Credit to snowflakeartist for CSS

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    • No, it's fine, I didn't expect anything in return, knowing it made your day is more than enough!

    • You're welcome, I had two so I thought I could breed them and send it to you

    • yea it is hard to get 500 FD

    • lol i need 500 for name change and you would like the name change

    • oh (i like this one lmao)

    • why you want a name change i like it

    • I just read your likes, and my eyes just went to Invader Zim
      Gir is best boi- and also technically a furry- dog suit

    • do you have a sinister spiderweb

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