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User ID: #13140
Username: peridxt
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:34 pm

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foolish & foul but i love toads
i'm on furvilla time

css base on my profile and villagers is by alxq with a few edits by me!

Villagers 28

Comments 667

    • im eating the tiny burgs again

    • well i was definitely unconscious

    • its just. so wild..

    • nah man its in general abt painties an elitism an copyrights also if furvilla is a pet site or not?? (its not its literally just a furry gaiaonline actually) aslo listen these cheeseburgers? are good

    • god i feel like these burgers r givign me a heart attack too *keeps eating them*

    • there was so much furry discourse i got dizzy

    • have u seen the furry discourse its wild

    • GOSH.... what if i just make a ted raccoon furry... looks like a dog but is actually a raccoon

    • hholds everyone

    • IM SO GLAD i can make my icon..... fur flex adel too....... :~)

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