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User ID: #13181
Username: SnowRaven
Gender: Female
Last Online: 30 May 2023, 2:22 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:36 pm

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Hello! Please call me Raven. My main fursonas are Raven, a black cat (most likely a Turkish Angora) with royal blue eyes, and Tala, an Alaskan Tundra wolf.

Some things I am a fan of:
-Xenofiction (books where talking animals are the characters. Example: Warrior Cats)/anthro novels or graphic novels.
-Movies with animals as main characters (such as The Lion King, Zootopia, and Plague Dogs).
-Manga and Anime (Ima ore no kono atama no koto nantsutta?!)
-Video Games (Pokemon. Kingdom Hearts.)
-Cats. Cats. Cats!

Thank you for reading!

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    • Hey there! Your inventory is too full for me to accept the trade XD

    • no problem!! thank you, too!

    • Thank you too

    • No problem! ^o^ Sorry for not responding sooner!! I'd love to talk JoJo's too; I'm all caught up but it's okay if you aren't - I love all of the parts and would love to talk about any of them :3

    • Thankyou <3 and yes, it is! and please do if you ever get around to it - I'd love to talk about it!
      ooh, nice. I'll have to check them out! Black cat sounds cool. And I still need to have a watch of Jojo, it looks awesome xD Death Note was the first manga/anime I really got into, read the manga first then watched the anime and collected the spinoff books. I still have figurines and some other merch ;w;
      I'm terrible for fanservice ... I just?? Love anime girls so much aaa TwT boys too but mostly cute girls~

    • Hey! I have a book recommendation for you that you may enjoy called "The Book of Lost Things". It's my favourite book ;w;/
      Anyway, what anime/manga do you like? ^_^

    • thank you! i like your page design a lot

    • No prob! And thank you for the trade! :)

    • *gasp* yes

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