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Username: Midgar
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:43 pm

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Welcome to my little profile, my name is Midgar.
I love to draw cartoon animals as well as animate, sew, and play games.

Feel free to send me messages if you want to have a friendly talk!

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    • Pretty much same. I've met several nice people here, including someone I consider a good friend and keep in contact with on Discord. :3 But the site itself, no. And the community is.. ...very salty for the most part. So I'm just here mainly when I open my commissions since I have a pinglist waiting on me, once my health issues are resolved.

      I'm about the same on Flight Rising. Honestly, it's about the same here. You can do the coliseum which is basically pokemon battling (I would recommend finding a guide on how to distribute your points for end game/max level farming), play the minigames and dress up and put genes on your dragons. My favorites are (male) skydancers and imperials! :D Male coatls are also a favorite. ;w;

    • I don't blame you. X3
      I've decided to mostly quit Furvilla because of disagreement with a lot of their choices and things, but yeah. X3; I need to resume selling off all my stuff for flight rising and art, but ahh. It's a bit too much work for me right now. XD

    • Oh, don't worry, I used to be like that too! And I still get anxiety sometimes. ;w; Don't worry about it. X3 You're not alone!
      I'm only on Furvilla once a day at most here lately, because I've semi-quit the site, and I've been having a weird sleep schedule as of late as well. XD; If you have discord, you could add me there too. :3 Soni #1923 over there~

    • X3 I understand completely. And especially about the bad internet, mine will go nuts if someone else is on or the tiniest thing is downloading at the same time. >.<
      Cross realms are fine, I just cannot trade you items unless they were dropped or something. X3
      And don't worry about being dungeon shy, why do you think me and my close friends three man mythics? XD I'm very raid shy, I will do LFR but doing normal at current level, no way. ;A;
      You'll be okay! ;w; We won't get upset or anything, we're pretty chill. My best friend is super chill, and her brother has severe autism and a bad computer. Many accidental pulls and deaths be had. X3

    • Yes. XD; I'm an altaholic. My highest item level is my demon hunter at 939, I think my troll feral druid is about 933? She just got her mage tower appearance. X3; I'm super proud of that. My demon hunter has his as well, and I'm working on my mage, affliction warlock and my survival hunter's.
      I can completely understand! To be honest, I've only been playing about ~five or six years, take or give, I'm bad at remembering times -I remember when Timeless Isle came out in Mists of Pandaria, but I was unable to play much then. When they released the gold tokens I was able to play more consistently. X3

      If you'd like to add me, go right ahead. :D I'm Soni #11626. I play on US servers, I should mention. > u<; Sen'jin/Quel'dorei for Horde, Blackhand/Galakrond for Alliance.

      When you can play again, I'd be happy to have another friend to tag along. Me and my friends three man (sometimes four when another friend is able to play) mythic dungeons up to about +4 keystones, on certain dungeons because we don't bring a healer with. XD Sometimes we attempt raids too. We've beaten the first boss of Emerald Nightmare two manning it! Mechanics get us for the other bosses we've tried though.

    • Here lately, a blood elf demon hunter tank. :D I used to main a belf death knight, frost, then blood for Legion. He's taken a back seat because vengeance DHs are way way too fun, and mine has over 10 million HP. XD
      Otherwise, I have a troll feral druid, a blood elf survival hunter, blood elf fire mage and an undead destruction warlock I love playing. I've got a level 110 worgen balance druid, and almost a feral up as well on Alliance, and I hope to get a couple night elf demon hunters up too. :D
      On Horde alone I have about 16 level 110s. xD;;;

      I have (obviously) a slight preference for horde (as I sit here wearing my horde hoodie.. >.>;; ), but like you, I don't mind alliance at all. X3 I love worgen and draenei! I end up playing low levels a lot on alliance.

    • *points* You and Nights are about the only people I know on FV that play WoW, judging by the fact you're excited for BfA too. X3 *high fives*
      Except everyone I meet plays Alliance mainly and I.. don't. XD;;;


    • you're welcome~ ^^

    • Thank you for the gift and the compliment, you are such a sweetie!

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