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User ID: #13469
Username: Nagakun
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 14 Feb 2020, 5:48 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:50 pm

Profile description

Greetings & Salutations!

Visit my stall, I love to trade, and might trade with you of you have something that I am looking for! <3

Wishlist (In order of want):
Shield of discourse (un-converted)

Any new FD pets released since Beta
Schemas not present here
Medicine Recipes not present here
Patterns not listed here
Alchemist Recipes not present here
Crafting Blueprints from DMM
Pets not present here
Plushies not present here
Slabs & Seeds (especially seeds from QP, as I am mastering their medicines for the Furvilla Free Hospital thread)
Any seeds not Mastered here.

********* ********* *********
I am currently focusing on Animal husbandry! I love to receive animal housing, uncommon and rare minipets and minipet colors that I don't already have, and slabs from any village so that I can build more animal housing. <3
I do painties & other art for IRL cash and furdollars. (Click here for examples Commissions closed!)

Feel free to send me a PM. I will happily make you any item in exchange for the supplies to do so, and a nominal fee to cover the cost of my time.

- I use my stall for storage as well. If an item is not priced, there is a reason. Either the item is being stored as overflow, or I am offering it up for trade of items of equal value/rarity. Feel free to PM me and ask about an item if you are interested in something that doesn't have a price. :)

~{About Myself}~

IRL, I carry many labels and titles including that of a farmer, bootblack, nerd, secular minister, bartender, grandparent, artist, and most importantly, friend.
********* ********* *********


********* ********* *********

<3 I am an [url=http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/35058-anonymous-fairies?page=1}Anon-Fairy! [/url]<3

********* ********* *********

~{On The Forums}~
I type a lot. Making sure you are communicating clearly and with minimal risk of misunderstanding sometimes takes a lot of words. The resulting wall of text is not meant to be intimidating, insulting, or negative in any way.

I know a lot. Decades of constant post-collegiate-level studying on numerous subjects does that to a person.

I get paid for consulting, and for my opinions IRL, If I think you are important enough to offer advice to, appreciate it for the free money that it is. Nobody is mandating that you actually do what anyone says, not even me. Your life, your choices. <3

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Comments 58

    • I seriously admire your profile. I agree with pretty much everything under On The Forums, except for the things that don't apply to me, like for example, I am not paid for my opinions in real life.

    • Than you so much for the frozen toen omg ;u; is there anything I can give you in return??

    • After reading you bio, I can tell what kinda of person you are/appear to be.
      You're the kind of person we need more of to populate the world, to spread kindness and happiness.
      Considering you mention you don't log on often, but still manage to get to 17 willagers, tells me you know how to handle your village well.
      I will definitely be taking a peek at your stall, but unfortunately don't have any wood to offer, since I'm not from Tiger Eye Peak.
      Thanks for reading.

    • Thank you for purchasing. :)

    • thanks for the birthday gift <3

    • thank you for the slabs! i should pay all the people who helped me including you back

    • You're a real sweetheart <3 keep being awesome and spreading positivity!

    • Thank you for the stable.

    • YIS HELLO FRIEND!! :3c

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