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User ID: #14578
Username: MadMadameFlare
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Apr 2021, 10:57 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:48 pm

Profile description

The quickest, and easiest way to communicate with me, is my telegram. DM me, if you ever want me to send you my user!

I am @SamTheHusky 's younger sister (2? Years apart. I was born in January, so it's a bit off.)

The only thing videogames ever influenced me into doing is... COLLECT.


I'm MadMadameFlare. You may call me: Shayne or Quinn. I most prefer being called she or they, pronoun wise.

Places to find me/my art/my characters:
SFW Twitter


DeviantArt (mostly post self-made bases, or adoptables)

I don't like talking on forums, and best speak one on one, so feel free to PM me, if you ever want to talk.
I do still speak on forums, just not often.
I promise that I don't bite! You can also message me on my profile, if you'd like!

I'm most active on my Twitter, Telegram, and ToyHou.se. I also try to be active on LioDen.

Kindness breeds kindness. Be kind.
You never know how much someone may need it, or what they may be going through.

I believe that change and growth do not spawn from mistreatment.
I believe that people can improve and change.

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    • Shadowfox Ah, shoot! I thought I accepted it ;v;
      Super sorry about that. I probably just clicked the wrong button while not paying attention.
      Thank you for addressing it! I probably would've forgotten, had you not.

    • The tip for your time and for offering people free character art. Not sure why you rejected it.

    • Haha, everyone does. :P
      Course! If you do I'll be sure to drop by. Feel free to ping me for it. ^^

    • Connor_Murphy
      I want to make a Dear Evan Hansen joke. Help
      Thank you so much! ;v;
      I'm thinking of setting up a shop, to practice with the style more.

    • That headshot you posted in the current thought thread looks super good!!

    • Snerd
      No worries! I completely understand!
      I'm glad you like her <3
      My TouHouse is also MadMadameFlare!

    • aaa, so sorry for not replying to you on the moodboard thread! ive been quite caught up in life right now.. but thank you so much for the character, i love her!! do you have a toyhouse (or other site) that i should credit? ^^

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